Wanted: Segment Sponsor for SXSW Interview

Do you want to be a sponsor of a Pete Cashmore interview at SXSW? Yes Pete Cashmore, he is rumored to be involved with that Mashable something. Do you want your products or goods peddled as commercials during this interview?

Of course you do. Why wouldn’t you?

This interview will take place at SXSW and will be with Jeff Cutler and Mike Langford aka NOMX3 as they delve about all things food and social media?

Did you know their videos get viewed on the following sites… ?

Ustream, YouTube, Blip.tv, Facebook, Twitter, Viddler, Seesmic and more

Did you know they currently get nearly 1000 site visits and 2500 page views per episode? .

Viewer demographics are still being compiled. ( that means lots of viewers watch too many to count in fact) Jeff and Mike are trying.

Do you have a 30 second spot you want dropped in? no problem. We can do this. Other sponsorship opportunities are also available at http://nomx3.com/sponsorship/.

Time is running out so don’t delay operators are standing by Now!!!!

Do you like the 80’s Music?

I was fortunate enough to attend College in Boston when Boston was the alternative music hub of the universe. I also spent lots of time at Spit and Manray dancing to New Order, The Smiths, The Psychedelic Furs, and many many others. I realized recently that when I decided to host a tweetup about 80’s music at the house of blues this Tuesday 2/11/2010 at 5pm. http://brilliantvideo.eventbrite.com/ that many of the people on twitter may not have been old enough to remember some of the 80’s music. Oops.

The 80’s saw all the great techno dance bands visit Boston. We also had the Cars, and J Geils band as the home team along with many many more great local club bands.

This Thursday the former 80’s music video channel V66 is hosting a reunion concert featuring a bunch of these local Bands from Boston’s 80’s. I encourage the younger twitter users to check out the tweetup and the concert that follows if you can. You will get a crash course on what started the 80’s music scene in America, because all of it started here in Boston.

For more info on the V66 reunion Concert check out House of Blues Boston Website here

Fly me to the moon or better yet to #mpdm

From Post 10/21/2009

I used to fly as an account Executive a few years back and traveled quite well leaving Terra fir-ma, not the case now. I am in Chicago at the #mpdm Marketing Profs Social Media mixer and I flew from Logan this morning.

When I checked in my bags I was 6 pounds overweight. Not me personally but My bag. I was asked to pay 50.00 additional. I pulled my audio gear out of the main suitcase and voila. I then slogged to security.

A new gate inspector had never seen a field mixer, a video camera and 100 feet of XLR cable before so I was poked and prodded my carry on baggage violated. I was then allowed to proceed to gate still an hour til blastoff.

We took off on time and the flight went fine, very little turbulence. The drama started as we came in to land and suddenly our landing was aborted. We were rocked upward and that dread of oh crap set it. Pilot said there was debris on the runway. There was something burning off to the far side of the runway when we landed, but no mention of us aborting landing has been mentioned anywhere.

“ If men were meant to fly the would have wings” comes to mind. For this and other great aviation quotes see http://www.skygod.com/quotes/cliches.html

Humbled at the get go.

I am not the fastest reader. I am not that well read. I wish I was sometimes but I am not. I am listening to Trust Agents the audio book and I just did the Technorati search from chapter 1 and nothing came up. Nothing for Skip Bensley or my company Brilliant Video Productions.

This cannot be a good thing for someone who has two blogs, twitter, linkedin and a Video production company that he has been running for 7 plus years. Not sure I am panicked but I am certainly humbled. I hope I find what it is that I am doing incorrectly from this book and can correct it.

Permission TV Live appearance

I have been asked by Matthew Mamet to be a guest of PermissionTV live tomorrow 4/23/09 at 3:00pm EST. Not sure what the questions will be about but I hope I am an interesting guest. I suspect questions will range from those about Brilliant Video Productions to new video tools to sports but I am not certain.

If you wish to tune in you can at 3:00PM http://www.permissiontv.com/go/live/

You can tweet questions to #ptvlive

If I Have multimolded you with this message I apologize.

The Bensleygram

My dad wrote to all of us years ago with updates about whatever was going on with him while us kids were all in college. He was in transition from working at CBS news to fulltime farming and I guess he needed that outlet. What he didn’t realize was he was creating social media, and if it had been in email form ( email came much later) he was in fact creating a constant contact by writing monthly and keeping us all up to date.

I changed my blog name from Brilliant Video Productions blogging to the Bensleygram for two reasons. The first in honor of my dad and his wanting to be social. I also did it because much of my blog was about other things besides video production so to say it was Brilliant video productions blogging wan’t really accurate. Sure it’s my job but I am not producing video 24/7 although sometimes I wish I was.

I also wrote a Bensleygram to my friends and they thought it was pretty funny. I wrote about observations, sports, comedy, I sent pictures I ran thru a copier, I even had a guest illustrator make a cartoon once. I will continue to blog about whatever, but I just wanted to blog today about the name change. Hope all is well with you where you are currently.

Business contacts on Facebook?

I have to blog about this because it’s been on my mind. I have been asked by total strangers to be added to my Facebook. I want to initially but then realize wait, I don’t know this person that well, do I want them seeing goofy pictures about myself , my kids my family etc. I mean there is this notion about being transparent and genuine on the Internet in regards to your blogs, tweets, linkedIn, Facebook posts etc. Where do you draw that line in the sand? My feeling is that if it’s only a business relationship then Linked In might be a better place for those connections. I have no problems being a completely genuine buffoon online I just am not sure I need my customers and potential customers knowing about this buffoonery.

Kicking the Mogulus tires, this is what’s next.

I recently worked in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center on the IDC Directions show. I was part of a crew working for my Boston client attached to Ovation, a very good AV and Staging company out of Nashville. The show went very well.

I also had access to a good free wifi internet signal and I hooked up a few laptops and was able to remote control a two camera shoot using the Mogulus video platform. It is fast easy and user friendly. It may be the best tool to enter the online video world ever.

If you don’t know mogulus you will this is what’s next. http://www.mogulus.com/

To see an example click here.

I Need to blog but what about?

Today’s topic is the need to blog. I need to blog. Everyone says you should blog. If you have a product should you not mention it in your blog. If you are a video producer that produces video for consumers and corporate customers should you not mention it? Is it ok to shamelessly plug your company www.brilliantvideoproductions.com if you have absolutely nothing you can think of to blog about. Are you being that guy then? I hope not, I never want to be that guy. I have been reading and learning, and attending classes and I am clearly spent on brain matter and topics to write about at the moment. So I will stop now, and go back to work editing a video for my client at the home office of brilliant video productions Inc. Hope your day was great.

Being social is informative and fun

I went too, two different events this past week and both were very good. The first was a panel discussion with PermissionTV in Waltham. You can never learn too much about where the video business is going and how it is evolving. I also love to learn new ideas and so I can make suggestions to current clients on how they might increase visibility on the web. Being genuine was the big message, that and that there is no sure fire formula for a video going viral. My thanks to Permission TV and the panel members for a very informative session. For more about permissionTv visit their website at www.permissiontv.com

The second group I visited with was Boston Media Makers which meets the first Sunday of every month out at Doyles in JP. This group is comprised of primarily of artists, social media agents of change, writers, designers and video production people.

There were lots of people on twitter and tweet deck and there were video introductions followed by full room introductions and 3 minutes of ( of live tweet) and Steve Garfield keeps it moving with authority and humor. The group was a blast and I made some very nice contacts and chatted. I loved the passion and energy there. Being social sharing experiences on twitter is great, doing it in person with others with the same fire and passion is Nirvana. You can find out more about boston media makers at http://bostonmediamakers.wordpress.com.