How do you find balance?

I am struggling with sales right now, I get busy and then I lose out on making my calls, and connecting with clients and prospects. It’s hard to build rapport without talking to people. The people I have done work with this year have all been great people to work with but it all started with rapport.  If you don’t have that, all the talk and good will goes out the window.

My challenge now is balancing sales, doing marketing, making the calls, travelling, being present at shows I have sold, membership on a board, speaking engagements, My wonderful kids (2-4 times a week depending on week) and the love of my life up on the North shore. Where in the life manual is the tips section on making this all work?  When is cloning coming online so I can be everywhere doing everything?

How do you find balance? 

Money couldn’t buy a world series in 2011.

1 New York Yankees 196,854,630
2 Philadelphia Phillies 172,976,381
3 Boston Red Sox 160,257,476
4 Los Angeles Angels 138,999,024
5 Chicago White Sox 129,285,539
6 Chicago Cubs 126,380,663
7 New York Mets 120,147,311
8 San Francisco Giants 117,784,333
9 Minnesota Twins 112,737,000
10 Detroit Tigers 105,705,232
11 Los Angeles Dodgers 103,788,991
12 St. Louis Cardinals 98,746,072
13 Texas Rangers 91,885,265
14 Colorado Rockies 87,998,071
15 Atlanta Braves 87,003,192
16 Milwaukee Brewers 85,497,333

                                     Yankees, Redsox and Phillies were top 3 highest payrolls and are all home watching
                                     #10, 12, 13, and 16 play for the World series. Tampa Bay was #29. 

                                     stats courtesy ESPN.

Steve Jobs urges people to follow their dreams.