It appears this way sometimes. 

Come out of the Cyber Closet already …

Dear People of Earth can we agree on one thing? No it’s not about war, religion, politics or anything that will save lives or benefit humanity. It’s about your social media icon. Can we all agree that by now everyone on the planet (that can access the internet via a computer) should be able to log into a social media channel and upload a picture of themselves or what they represent.  Is it still too hard to do?

Perhaps its a vanity problem? Are there just too many good pictures of you to choose from that you cannot settle on just one? Really?  Maybe its another problem entirely and the other pictures of you don the walls of the US Postal Service. Whatever it is, come out of the Cyber closet. So which is it?

I hope it’s not simply the fact that nobody has taken the time to help you put a picture on your Facebook or Twitter accounts that would be just sad, and kind of counter to the helpfulness that social media was originally intended for.

If you fall into the later category in earnest and need help please write me.  I am here to help.

How social are you really?

So many people are on facebook and I think some just add you the same way you add followers on twitter. Why bother do we need another twitter? Isn’t that what buzz is for? I mean what is buzz really good for anyway?

I deleted some of the most followed people in the Boston area as a test to see if anyone would notice. Joel Foner noticed and asked to be re-added. Joel is a really smart guy and consultant out near me in Metrowest, MA. There seems to be lots of smart people out here. I am just saying.

Lisa Breeden Turulli also noticed. Lisa worked for a company I freelance with and left to take a better situation. Our Facebook friendship moved forward with her job change. She has even inquired about my
availability to shoot video for her new company, Thanks Lisa.

My point in doing what I did was to take stock in real relationships, ones that mean something more then a picture or 140 characters. I figured out that social media “fiends” are so busy being social they won’t notice if you delete them. I am not sure some of them even noticed when I re-added them recently.

If you noticed that I added you and thought hmm I thought I had already added Skip Before you did. I use Facebook to keep tabs on many friends going back 30 years. I also use it to “try” and get to know people better and develop better relationships that expand beyond 140 characters.

Do you use Facebook? How do you use it? Do the newer and more screwy security issues bother you or are you an open book? Do you interact with people on Facebook or do you just blast them with tweets and 4square messages?

How I use facebook

Facebook for me is a place for me to try and get to know people better. I only share pictures of my friends and family with people I trust enough to get to know better. If I have invited you it’s because I have known of you and met you IRL (in real life) and think we have enough in common to become better acquainted.

I have invited quite a few people to Facebook and had them go silent however. They are pictures on a wall, I call them “oil paintings”. It’s hard to talk and get to know an oil painting, I have spent time at the MFA talking to a Renoir that has gotten me absolutely nowhere.

Seriously however, In an era when we have so little or no time, I try and take the time to make connections that matter most. On Facebook, to me anyway its about making better acquaintances and better friendships.

Know your limitations…

In Dirty Harry the last line of the film was “a man’s got to know his own limitations” I may be good at video production but as far as being an early adopter testing things like Friend feed and feeding it to face book and twitter I am a doofus.

Interesting tonight I pleaded to the Twitter cosmos to see if anyone had similar problems. 1 person a friend and colleague responded. Thanks Jason. The thing I also noticed that in my rant of frustration I got 10 more followers on twitter. 10 more people but no more help on this problem.

Chris Brogan got me and another 100o plus lemmings to respond to a Star Trek trivia question which of course I knew the answer on.

“ a mans got to know his own limitations”

Business contacts on Facebook?

I have to blog about this because it’s been on my mind. I have been asked by total strangers to be added to my Facebook. I want to initially but then realize wait, I don’t know this person that well, do I want them seeing goofy pictures about myself , my kids my family etc. I mean there is this notion about being transparent and genuine on the Internet in regards to your blogs, tweets, linkedIn, Facebook posts etc. Where do you draw that line in the sand? My feeling is that if it’s only a business relationship then Linked In might be a better place for those connections. I have no problems being a completely genuine buffoon online I just am not sure I need my customers and potential customers knowing about this buffoonery.