Nothing more to see here, I am no longer running for Mayor of Salem Massachusetts.

I’m Baaaaack!

I know nobody really reads my blog except friends and family mostly and thats ok. I am back to work, working full time as the director of Multimedia at the Volpe Center DOT in Cambridge. Yes Skippy is a government contractor.

The new job found me via a board I thought had been relegated to obscurity. I was on and Craig’s looking, sending resumes, looking. I updated Linked in , got a premium job hunter account and even started my own networking group to help land a job.  This would have worked I’m sure if the job had not landed me.

After the initial shock wore off that I was a government contractor, I have made progress piecing the bread crumbs together and formulating what it is my predecessor did etc. We will also be looking for an assistant shortly. This job is too big for just me I assure you.

For those of you still looking I hope your next job finds you.  Just stay positive, promote yourself everywhere you can and follow up on every resume you send. If your resume needs work have a friend, loved one or service help you. There is nothing wrong with a professionally written resume.

Til next time…

New Address…

I have moved the Bensleygram to Posterous no more blog posts will be place here as of 6/21/2010.

New Address

I will lose weight this year…

As a matter of self preservation and determination I have decided to publicly announce one of my personal goals for 2010 which is to lose 30 pounds. I wish to get healthier, exercise more and get in shape for the Pan Mass Challenge 2010. I plan on riding the full ride and being in shape to do so. In years past I may have thought about it, talked about it but this year I am going to lose the weight.

If you have dieted in the past and you found something that works won’t you please share it with me?

Sadly my previous affiliations with fast food favorite franchises like McDonalds, Five Guys burgers and fries and others too many to mention are now concluded.

Here is to a healthy Start to 2010.

Fly me to the moon or better yet to #mpdm

From Post 10/21/2009

I used to fly as an account Executive a few years back and traveled quite well leaving Terra fir-ma, not the case now. I am in Chicago at the #mpdm Marketing Profs Social Media mixer and I flew from Logan this morning.

When I checked in my bags I was 6 pounds overweight. Not me personally but My bag. I was asked to pay 50.00 additional. I pulled my audio gear out of the main suitcase and voila. I then slogged to security.

A new gate inspector had never seen a field mixer, a video camera and 100 feet of XLR cable before so I was poked and prodded my carry on baggage violated. I was then allowed to proceed to gate still an hour til blastoff.

We took off on time and the flight went fine, very little turbulence. The drama started as we came in to land and suddenly our landing was aborted. We were rocked upward and that dread of oh crap set it. Pilot said there was debris on the runway. There was something burning off to the far side of the runway when we landed, but no mention of us aborting landing has been mentioned anywhere.

“ If men were meant to fly the would have wings” comes to mind. For this and other great aviation quotes see

Humbled at the get go.

I am not the fastest reader. I am not that well read. I wish I was sometimes but I am not. I am listening to Trust Agents the audio book and I just did the Technorati search from chapter 1 and nothing came up. Nothing for Skip Bensley or my company Brilliant Video Productions.

This cannot be a good thing for someone who has two blogs, twitter, linkedin and a Video production company that he has been running for 7 plus years. Not sure I am panicked but I am certainly humbled. I hope I find what it is that I am doing incorrectly from this book and can correct it.

My Interview on PTVlive

I thought it went well and I was glad to contribute. Here
is the link. My thanks again to Matt Mamet and the
folks at PermissionTV for having me as a guest.

The Bensleygram

My dad wrote to all of us years ago with updates about whatever was going on with him while us kids were all in college. He was in transition from working at CBS news to fulltime farming and I guess he needed that outlet. What he didn’t realize was he was creating social media, and if it had been in email form ( email came much later) he was in fact creating a constant contact by writing monthly and keeping us all up to date.

I changed my blog name from Brilliant Video Productions blogging to the Bensleygram for two reasons. The first in honor of my dad and his wanting to be social. I also did it because much of my blog was about other things besides video production so to say it was Brilliant video productions blogging wan’t really accurate. Sure it’s my job but I am not producing video 24/7 although sometimes I wish I was.

I also wrote a Bensleygram to my friends and they thought it was pretty funny. I wrote about observations, sports, comedy, I sent pictures I ran thru a copier, I even had a guest illustrator make a cartoon once. I will continue to blog about whatever, but I just wanted to blog today about the name change. Hope all is well with you where you are currently.