Permission TV Live appearance

I have been asked by Matthew Mamet to be a guest of PermissionTV live tomorrow 4/23/09 at 3:00pm EST. Not sure what the questions will be about but I hope I am an interesting guest. I suspect questions will range from those about Brilliant Video Productions to new video tools to sports but I am not certain.

If you wish to tune in you can at 3:00PM

You can tweet questions to #ptvlive

If I Have multimolded you with this message I apologize.

Being social is informative and fun

I went too, two different events this past week and both were very good. The first was a panel discussion with PermissionTV in Waltham. You can never learn too much about where the video business is going and how it is evolving. I also love to learn new ideas and so I can make suggestions to current clients on how they might increase visibility on the web. Being genuine was the big message, that and that there is no sure fire formula for a video going viral. My thanks to Permission TV and the panel members for a very informative session. For more about permissionTv visit their website at

The second group I visited with was Boston Media Makers which meets the first Sunday of every month out at Doyles in JP. This group is comprised of primarily of artists, social media agents of change, writers, designers and video production people.

There were lots of people on twitter and tweet deck and there were video introductions followed by full room introductions and 3 minutes of ( of live tweet) and Steve Garfield keeps it moving with authority and humor. The group was a blast and I made some very nice contacts and chatted. I loved the passion and energy there. Being social sharing experiences on twitter is great, doing it in person with others with the same fire and passion is Nirvana. You can find out more about boston media makers at