It’s been awhile..

I have suspended blog posting and focused more on the task at hand recently. The Task being getting a full time job once again.  I also thought being too transparent on my blog and telling people what I really thought might be a deterrent to hiring me in some cases. So Mums the word for now.

Last night a silent picture “The Artist” won the best picture Oscar. It was the first B&W silent movie to win best picture since the very first Oscars ceremony in 1929 when silent pictures were first made. Its also interesting to note that the French film (and cast) were the only production to exclusively shoot in Hollywood, CA.  That’s kind of ironic?

It was great seeing Billy Crystal back hosting and I hope he continues to host for as long as he can stand it. Other Notable winners were Meryl Streep for winning best Actress for “Iron lady” ( her third oscar but first in 29 years),  and 82 year old Christopher Plummer winning his first academy award (Best supporting actor) for Beginners.

Octavia Spencer won best supporting actress for “The help” and Jean Dujardin won best actor for “The Artist” . I was 12 of 24 on the Oscars last night my worst tally in quite a few years.

I hope to blog more frequently once my employment situation is rectified.


Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images