How social are you really?

So many people are on facebook and I think some just add you the same way you add followers on twitter. Why bother do we need another twitter? Isn’t that what buzz is for? I mean what is buzz really good for anyway?

I deleted some of the most followed people in the Boston area as a test to see if anyone would notice. Joel Foner noticed and asked to be re-added. Joel is a really smart guy and consultant out near me in Metrowest, MA. There seems to be lots of smart people out here. I am just saying.

Lisa Breeden Turulli also noticed. Lisa worked for a company I freelance with and left to take a better situation. Our Facebook friendship moved forward with her job change. She has even inquired about my
availability to shoot video for her new company, Thanks Lisa.

My point in doing what I did was to take stock in real relationships, ones that mean something more then a picture or 140 characters. I figured out that social media “fiends” are so busy being social they won’t notice if you delete them. I am not sure some of them even noticed when I re-added them recently.

If you noticed that I added you and thought hmm I thought I had already added Skip Before you did. I use Facebook to keep tabs on many friends going back 30 years. I also use it to “try” and get to know people better and develop better relationships that expand beyond 140 characters.

Do you use Facebook? How do you use it? Do the newer and more screwy security issues bother you or are you an open book? Do you interact with people on Facebook or do you just blast them with tweets and 4square messages?