Happy Birthday to the legendary John Glenn who turns 95 today. No person alive has been more closely associated, for so long, with America’s triumphs in the early days of the Space Race than John Glenn, and few Americans in history have served their country in as many high-profile and varied roles: First American to orbit the earth; decorated Marine Corps veteran (in both WWII and Korea); novice, eager politician; seasoned, savvy, multi-term United States senator; space shuttle crew member—across seven decades, Glenn has lived much of his personal and professional life in the public eye. See and read more on (Ralph Morse—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #LIFElegends #NASA #JohnGlenn

Happy Birthday John Glenn! 


We as a species need to start actively doing better before things get further out of hand. I am increasingly concerned about the future we are handing to our children. Everyday somebody is dying either in the name of god, or because it is believed that their lives do not matter. “All lives matter” . 

I think we need an alien invasion! Yes I said it. Think about it, this would totally shift the focus from us hating on one another on this planet and shifting the focus on humanity as a whole. Suddenly it would be all of us vs. the aliens. Perhaps aliens with more intelligence will visit and show us the error of our ways, nothing else is working.