Heading into the Holidays

Thanksgiving is now a sweet and high caloric memory and we are all looking forward to the Holidays and the new Year. It seems everyone I talk with is guardedly optimistic. There is a real sense of we are all in this together. One friend said “ Things are more competitive and people are willing to go further distances to get your business. ”  They are going through all their accounts, making sure everyone is on board.  Taking stock in your business relationships is key right now and knowing where the cheese is or more importantly where it will be is more important now more then ever.  

As the new administration pushes forward into next year and various plans and bailouts are implemented I am hopeful our Country will rebound and that business will be get back on track, perhaps by 2010. I am realistic however and nothing will happen overnight.
Video Conferencing may be pushed again as it was after 911, I can see a real drop off in corporate travel occurring as companies scale back from 2008 heading into 2009, we will all have to wait and see.
We have been busy freelancing for other companies and recently did a shoot in Cambridge for Swagelok. We shot talking head testimonials with executives from Cambridge NanoTech about their relationship with Swagelok. 
Everything went very well on the shoot and everyone was pleased with the end result.