#TBT Story

The one about when “There was no Joy, in Joyriding”

So as teens when you are raised in an affluent part of Westchester County in New York State you run out of things to do. Mini bikes did it, go carts did it, joy riding in a stolen parents car with only a learners permit, hmmm.

My pal Glenn had just gotten his learners permit and was glad when his parent’s went away for a week. Jon and Glenn, Beth L and I all jumped into Glenn’s fathers pristine gold tone Volvo and off we went. There we were driving around like adults with no license and a fast turbo charged 4 cylinder leather interior barca-lounger to joy ride in.

We drove down Quaker ridge road then down weaver street. We buzzed by the YWHA just in case anyone we knew saw us. WE turned around in the Golden Horshoe parking lot, and then headed back down weaver when we ran into a police car coming in the opposite direction.

Shit!. We were spooked of course and Jon suggested we take the back roads back to their house near Quaker ridge road. It was a sunny day 70’s sprinklers were going in this neighbor hood on the cusp of Scarsdale and New Rochelle. Music was playing, we were laughing and then the Golden Volvo skidded just a little and we grazed the oncoming station wagon making a rather noticeable dent on the driver left side. No body was hurt but Glenn was having kittens and Jon was trying to comfort his brother. It was then that we all got out to see the damage and make sure the other car was ok.

To our shock and surprise 4 teenagers ( from Scarsdale perhaps) were doing the same surveying of damage. I yelled out are you guys ok, they said yes but that they were fucked, and thats when jumped back into the Volvo and headed to Jon and Glenn’s house. What were the chances that 8 kids went joy riding in 2 stolen cars and crashed into one another. They had to be astronomical, but we did it.

We got back to Jon and Glenn’s house talked about it and headed our seperate ways. I got a call from Jon later and he walked me thru the parent story about how his dads car got stolen and was being driven to the bronx by another friend and that I should stick to that story if his dad followed up with me. This plan while well thought out and executed did have one flaw, my father standing behind me very intently listening. Suffice it to say there was no joy from that joy riding and it took over a year to get ungrounded and be allowed to hang with Jon and Glenn again.

To Glenn’s credit I think he spent the next 6 years working part time and paying for his Dad’s Golden Volvo. He was allowed to breathe air as long as he bought the car he stole.

What is your plan?

Make sure you vote, sitting out this time is not an option.

Do you remember what happened last time? We didnt take him serious enough, we didn’t realize that there were so many angry old white men who were sitting at home with nothing to do but stir things up. Stir things up they did.

Sure the Russions influenced these poor angry white guys and made them believe that Donald Trump was their saviour, that he would save them all. Has he saved them? Really?

Trump supporters are very loyal, to the point of following their leader into the ER room after getting Covid 19 from an indoor rally. This of course is their choice, if they want to die after all that is their right. They will also fight for the right to life almost as viamently as they will fight to perhaps die.

Don’t be fooled however into thinking That Biden Harris are a lock however. Every vote counts and every electoral counts. We need to make sure Trump and Pence are gone.

We have lost our way as a country. We are divided, there is no United States. We don’t lead the world in anything anymore except reality TV , drug addiction and Covid deaths. Is this really what we want for our children?

Make a plan and vote, this is way too important this time. Oh and if you sat by the sidelines in 2016 shame on you.

#makeaplan #votehimout #election2020 #blacklivesmatter

Happy 69th Birthday Mr. Williams, I mean Robin.

For Robin’s what would have been his 69th birthday today I thought I would share my random run ins with this kind man. It was about 22 years ago when I lived on the west coast in SF bay area. I was living in San Mateo but dating a woman in IT who lived in the Marina district. On this day her twin sister drove up with family from Monterey and I was playing soccer with a border collie that travelled north with them.

It started to drizzle and then rain rather hard and I seeked refuge with others in the old domed Exploratorium. I was pretty much left to fend for myself as my then soon to be ex GF walked off with her family. I walked inside and well explored, that’s what you do at an exploratorium after all, right?

So I found this exhibit or display that was widely popular and it measured your right and left brain by flashing imagery and then asking you to recreate it to the best of your ability with chalk, and I guess they measured it through video capture somehow.

Anyway, I am there and I open a sliding shiny onyx colored door to see the picture which I did. I then closed it back, and I was about to take up the chalk and draw what I think I saw, and that’s when I saw Robin Williams, in the reflection, chin on his fingers watching me intently. No pressure.

I think I started sweating next honestly, but what I did was open the other door, took the chalk and wrote congratulations Mr. Williams on winning the best supporting oscar for good will hunting. He smiled broadly, leaned down in my right ear and said thank you very much in an elvis presley voice. I turned and said thank you Mr. Williams, he said no I’m Robin and extended his hand.

For the next 8 or so magical minutes I told him my life’s history did Fernando Llamas at him ( which he said while good he said, He told me Billy Crystal hates when people do his impression at him) I told him I loved Good morning Vietnam, Mork and Mindy, I was riffing through his catalog and he was laughing and riffing back. It was then that his family rejoined him he had his wife and his two kids in tow. And as I noticed My soon to be ex GF and her family that had abandoned me outside walking towards me from the other end of the Exploratorium I asked a small favor.

We did a slap thing next and I just tried to follow him but we made up a handshake and then said goodbye. His words were take care chief.

When my soon to be ex GF’s family finally caught up to me they asked me how in the World I knew Robin Williams and I told them rather mischievously that Robin and I were old friends.

I did see Robin and his kids one other time in Golden Gate park. Robin was exiting with his children from the back of what I thought was a range rover. The kids in bike riding gear and helmets, then the bikes all being deployed with the precision of a military exercise. As I walked by he said how’s it going chief? I responded back looking good Robin. He gave me a thumbs up and was gone.

The point of my post is this, I have never heard anyone say anything bad about this man or his willingness to give time, kindness and generosity. Robin was practically light personified. He took time to talk with me, listen to my bad impressions, and was present throughout. We need more of that right now.

I miss you Mr.Williams, I mean Robin, and I always will.

It’s time to write again.

Do more.

I recently watched Hamilton not once but twice and yes it was amazing. The amazing part in addition to the tremendous and diverse cast is the message to do more.

I am actively working now with the DNC and black lives matter movements as I can. I will not accept another 4 years of sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do something. It’s our time to take our country back and head it back in the direction of diversity, and prosperity for all.

Not sure how long it will take to mend international relationships but if I can help I will try. Take your shot however small and make a difference. Start small, remember every pebble cast into water creates a large ripple.

Why Kyrie needs to go.

It’s time to let Kyrie Irving go. It’s time to face the facts that win or lose this guy is headed either to the New York Knicks, or he is headed to Los Angeles Lakers. Considering his acting career desires, The Lakers makes more sense.

Lets face it, the young Boston Celtics play much better team basketball without Kyrie. That, and their collective body language around him now is almost as bad as Melania’s around the Donald.

It appears Anthony Davis also wants nothing to do with the Celtics so finding a young star in the middle will not be easy. Who is out there? Can we solve anything with draft picks? I think trading Kyrie to the Lakers for a package of players and draft picks makes sense. Let’s make this years run without him. We did pretty well last year. Danny Ainge , it’s time.

This feels like the end.

This current Patriots season has been off, it has been off all year. Whether it was losing to former player coaches badly, Josh Gordon’s drama, or now more recently the Josh Mcdaniels thingy its just an off season.

The defense has gotten better as time has gone on and that’s a tribute to the players on that side of the ball and the coaching of course. Tom Brady has been off, Gronk has dropped off the earth, and Julian Edelman is still screaming let’s go but nobody is listening.

It would appear that perhaps, and this is from watching body language (Para-language) cues all year that something final is happening this time in Foxboro. I will bet that win lose or draw this is it for Brady, Bellichek and Gronk. Josh Mcdaniels will probably be left with the task of rebuilding and trading or drafting a new quarterback in April. It is just a hunch, but body language often speaks louder than words, and this years words seem pretty final, win or lose.

Begining of the end, or preserving the TB12 brand?

Tom Brady is showing signs of well age. Errand passes, interceptions and ghost rushers are starting to become part of the Brady legacy. Is Brady finally declining? saving it for the playoffs? or preserving the TB12 method?

If the Buffalo Bills come to town and win at Gillette, we can all start hoping Danny Etling will be ready to go in 2019 but who will his coach be?

If this is the dreaded final end to the dynasty, is it not a foregone conclusion that Brady and Belichek will depart together? Will Josh Mcdaniels stay and rebuild the Patriot way? We will have better answers Monday, lets hope its a very good Christmas eve.