Running into Robin…


Many years ago when I lived in San Francisco I ran into Robin Williams and family a few times. Once while he was biking with them in Golden Gate Park. He hand a range rover with the kids strapped into jump seats in the back with bikes on top and his getting his kids ready for a ride was nothing short of a para military exercise. Park off load ride. It was a thing of beauty to be sure.

The second time was at the Exploratorium at the Palace of Arts long before the move to the pier. I was there with a GF and her family and I was doing this right brain left brain tester. The counter of which had a rather shiny black lucite that acted as a mirror of sorts. The test involved seeing shapes and then drawing what you remembered on a chalk board with a sliding door.

As I went to finish my task at this test, I saw Robin Williams studying my efforts in the lucite reflection of the counter. No pressure, just a hero standing over me, steady don’t piss yourself…  Anyway, I paused rather dramatically as his hand went to thinker on chin mode. I slid door open and with chalk in hand wrote this:

“ Congrats on winning best supporting actor”

He put his hand on my right shoulder leaned down and in an Elvis Presley voice said “thank you very much” my response of course was thank you sir, and he said please call me Robin. I shook his hand and he was off with his kids and I was off as well. I never did find out the whole left brain right brain thing that day. It didn’t really matter however.


I love Shipyard Pumpkin Ale but it keeps coming out earlier and earlier. So early in fact that it is usually all gone by Halloween which is the best time to drink it. My opinion purely.  I hope for 2014 they made extra so that they weather all the consumption between now and then. I may have to buy a case just to hold onto for winter.