I have been listening to Indie617 quite a bit since they started up and they are the only real alternative voice in Boston radio today. 

 Indie617 is a music-focused, streaming digital radio station that is independently owned-and-operated. The station features an eclectic mix of music from emerging and established artists from the indie/alternative genre. Live, local, independent radio, from Boston, Massachusetts.

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flying squirrel

What were they nuts? 

Emotional Support Squirrel A No-Go On Frontier Flight



It was surreal moment even for a White House accustomed to surreal moments.

During a meeting with President Trump, Kanye West delivered animated and wide-ranging remarks on issues from the 13th Amendment to U.S. manufacturing.

West spoke to reporters for nearly 10 minutes in the Oval Office. Wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat, he repeatedly complimented Trump, who nodded in agreement.

West said he loved everyone — including Trump’s former presidential rival, Hillary Clinton — but he said he could relate to Trump’s “male energy.”

“It was something about when I put this hat on, it made me feel like Superman,” West said. “You made a Superman cape for me, also, as someone who looks up to you … looks up to American industry guys.”

After West finished speaking, Trump, who is known for his own stream-of consciousness speaking style, said, “I tell you what — that was pretty impressive.”

“That was quite something,” Trump added.

‘Quite Something’: Kanye West Makes A Statement In The Oval Office

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Completely off his meds….



Absolute truth: I have had this head of lettuce in my refrigerator for 6 weeks, not one brown edge, not one leaf thrown away. Just pulled it out of the crisper drawer. What sort of nuclear-chemical madness is this, @greengiant? How can this be perfect for so long??
#vegetables #lettuce #forevergreen #mysterious #magic #unexplained @kenmoreappliances (at Nevada, Missouri)


I never thought I would get harrassed at work but it finally happened to me. I was running a high profile webinar event when a woman I work ran over to my position and grabbed my arm. I almost walked out at that moment, but instead I finished the webinar and immediately reported this to my supervisor. 

Unfortunately to the US Federal Government (#contractorlivesdonotmatter ) and even though I spoke to several Federal employees I consider to be close friends, it just isn’t in the cards that I will get my say in this matter. Our COR will not back me up which I find very frustrating. 



fake it till you make it or you don’t make it and then I guess you just die. anyways


Obvoiusly she lost her head over comments made here.