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Are you a ghost online? Is that why you don’t (or can’t) control the images that come up when you do a vanity-search of your own name on Google Images?

Dominate your personal brand on Google Images



I generally post to facebook only a few times per week, in an effort to keep my feed interesting, useful, informative, entertaining and/or actionable. I love and appreciate being connected with so many people I’ve met on facebook, but some people post a lot of junk every day. If you want to keep people from unfollowing/unfriending you, or hiding you from their feed, try to LIMIT posts about the following:

* What you eat, drink or excrete

* The weather

* TV shows/movies

* Videos, songs & stations you listen to on YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, etc.

* Simple greetings (Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night, See You Tomorrow, etc.)

* Your kids & pets

* Your feelings

* Random thoughts or other out-of-context posts that make no sense on their own

Some posts in these categories are OK, but too much gets boring fast.  If you want to make any post a lot more interesting, post an appealing, interesting or funny photo (or video) along with it.

Please Comment with your opinion.

I guess it depends on how you use Facebook. If you use it as just another arm of the inbound machine what you write makes sense. If however you are trying to let people get to know you above and beyond twitter or google+ I think sharing everyone from food to excrement should be both expected, and appreciated.