Mimosa vs Bloody Mary’s

When I attended Northeastern University and graduated, we had a graduation BBQ. The faculty and staff of the Communications Department and the Late Great Communications Chairman Pete Eastman gave it a theme. His question to us all was, what is the proper breakfast cocktail Mimosa or Bloody Mary. We settled it on the softball field in Waltham, MA with Mimosa victorious.

Several years later, Mimosa Systems, Santa Clara CA found Brilliant Video Productions online and asked that we shoot a few presentation sessions for them here is MA. The trick was then taking the audio portion of a customer that used Mimosa Systems products and then uploading it to their FTP for podcast all in same day.

We were able to shoot and edit the audio out on site at the Microsoft Center in Waltham and then upload the .wav file in just a few hours.

Mimosa Systems is the leader in Email archiving, eDiscovery, Recovery and Storage Management.

Las Vegas Here we Come…

Brilliant Video Productions will be going to Networld + Interop in April 2008. We will be doing a Live 2 Camera Shoot for web cast. We will be utilizing the Newtek Tricaster FX that will allow us to switch live and encode for our client day of. People will be able to see the interviews same day live on the web.

Utilizing the TriCaster PRO FX provides Brilliant Video Productions with a complete portable studio which includes network style virtual sets, an integrated character generator and the ability to encode the video for web same day. For More information on this newly acquired technology see http://www.newtek.com/tricaster/tricaster_profx.php

It should be a very exciting opportunity for Brilliant Video Productions and we are dusting off our Elvis Impersonators outfits chomping at the Bit to go. This Years Networld + Interop show is hosted at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. If you are going we will see you there. http://www.interop.com/

The Olympics are comming well sort of.

Remember when we sat around the TV and watched Olympic track and field events like they actually meant something? Bruce Jenner was an Olympic triathlon winner long before he was a Wheaties Box cover, Do the Names Michael Johnson, Flojo, or Cassius Clay mean anything to you? I date myself but clearly the Olympics have lost their stature in significance in the American Psyche.

So it stood to reason that the Smart Folks at Digitas Paris wanted to pitch brand identity and reinvigorating the brand of the Olympics to the International Olympic Committee. Digitas Boston Hired BVP (Brilliant Video Productions) in February to shoot interviews and b-roll in the Boston area of College and High School athletes in Support of this Bid by Digitas Paris.

BVP Shot on Location in West Roxbury, Brighton MA and at Bentley College in Waltham over a two day period. This all done In Pal HD 16:9 format for use in France by Digitas Paris. BVP now offers HD and International formats for shoots.

We learned also first hand that the younger generation is really clueless when it comes to the Olympics and anything about it really, clearly the IOC and Digitas Paris have their work cut out for them.