Apple lied… Don’t order online at Christmas…

Don’t ever order anything on iTunes at Christmas they will create emails and minutia, they will spin their wheels and lie to you, they will submit notices of pending internal discussions that yield nothing. I was told that my dad would get a new card sent this has not happened, it won’t happen. They said they were refunding my money but that did not happen yet either. I am out 50.00 and 5 hours of my life enduring 11 phone calls that have yielded nothing. This may be the worst customer experience ever.  All over a $50.00 gift card. They sent it, it was lost, they said they would send a new one, but they can’t is the message I have gotten. Next time I will go buy one in person and mail it myself. 

Merry Christmas Apple

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An Apple angel to the rescue

I had a snafu getting my dad an iTunes gift card sent to him for Christmas. I placed the order on the 18th, and it shipped on the 20th overnight.  Somehow the order got sent to me instead of my dad. When I got the email at 6:30am I called Apple at 9:00am. I explained and they said they would ask fedex for a re-route of the package. Fedex never got the message about re-route and left it on my snowy stairs. (Apple hates when FEDEX does not get a signature)  it’s in their contract.  When I called FEDEX they said they would retrieve the package but would not reroute it anywhere but back to Apple. Thank you Mrs Scrooge at the FEDEX  Framingham Depot on New York Ave you were anything but helpful.  

I called Apple back and an Apple Angel resent a new card to my Father overnight. I hope it gets to him before Christmas. I also hope Apple shipped it UPS. The Apple angel fixed the problem, and took the time to make things right. I know, “ that’s what they are supposed to do”  Its still nice when it happens.


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If I am creepy, you must be socially retarded.

So I am am AT SMB#21 last week and was glad to see lots of people I have not seen since like August. I was so glad in factthat I added a bunch of people in the room to a check-in I did on Facebook. It went rather un-noticed until one person in the same room with me decided what I did was creepy.  He posted it on his wall. Nice, we are in the same room, maybe 6 people apart and  Iam creepy?  How about getting off your fat ass walking over and being a man and explaining it, I would have taken it down of course ,But calling me creepy in this case just makes me think WTF.   Are you so socially retarded that talking isn’t part of your social mix? I think this social media thing needs an enema.  

A few weeks ago there was this incident at USC. Bill Nye “Mr Science” fainted and nobody came to his aid. Everyone was tweeting about his fainting and taking pictures to upload. Clearly we are starting to send the wrong message to our kids. 

What do you think?


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Pruning back and upping the Karma…

I was out the other night at a social event visiting with people I had not seen in quite awhile. During my visit, one of the discussions turned to the good people doing the good deeds, doing things for others, being helpful. It also turned to discussing some people who are not being so helpful. I think when you have a large group of people there will be some of those. I grew up in a huge cliche of people in my hometown, then was part of a crew in college and now I am friends with some of the social media folks in Boston. Heck there have been times in my past when I was pretty damn useless. I’d like to think I have improved over the years, but like everyone else I am a constant work in progress. As 2010 comes to an end and 2011 begins I feel the need to “prune back” the social. I want to focus on the people in my life that matter most. I want to focus more on relationships, and not just the facebook kind. Seeing people in person, talking, interacting. I feel the whole social media thing has made me a little lazy. I have been a casual observer but a non participant in lots of peoples lives, I hope to put an end to that. I really want to be a better friend. I also hope to Start up Metrowest Media Makers with Roy Kranz here early on in 2011. Its time we started acting locally to reach globally. I want to make a difference for others in Metrowest. I also want to give more of my time to non profits and help get their message out utilizing video, and or audio visual presentation.

Lastly I want to be an even better Dad, lots of people think I am a great dad. I think I still have lots of work to do.
At the Holiday break, What are you thinking about? What are your plans for 2011?

How can I be a better friend?

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If stumble upon invited you…

I owe you an apology..

If you received an invite to follow me on stumble upon I apologize. Stumble upon is a great site and it allows you to peruse different websites and for you to suggest them to others. I invited a few friends from facebook and a few from twitter I thought. It appears however the contacts in my address book also got sent messages. This was all done from my stumble upon iphone app. I am not sure how this happened, but if I inconvenienced you in the least I do apologize.

Sometimes I am all thumbs, sometimes I am technology challenged, at all times I remain human.


Skip Bensley

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