WARNING: Vacation Destinations That Can Kill You.

Plaing a vacation is always exciting. After all, going to someplace you have never been before is just brimming with new fun and adventure for you to explore. At the same time, there are several vacation destinations that just might be a little more dangerous that you signed on for. Here is a look at the top 20 vacation destinations that just might be a little more exciting than you had plaed

Yeah good places to not adventure in.

Comcast spending money like crazy to get your business…


Comcast is now the second-biggest U.S. advertiser, after boosting measured spending 9.7% to $1.7 Billion (after Procter & Gamble with $2.8 Billion). This doesn’t even include promotions and direct marketing, including the mailers we keep receiving from Comcast every two weeks for the last 7 years, since we moved to Verizon FiOS…That adds up to about $200 they have spent trying to get us back!

Comcast may be spending billions but people are still unplugging cable.