Do you like the 80’s Music?

I was fortunate enough to attend College in Boston when Boston was the alternative music hub of the universe. I also spent lots of time at Spit and Manray dancing to New Order, The Smiths, The Psychedelic Furs, and many many others. I realized recently that when I decided to host a tweetup about 80’s music at the house of blues this Tuesday 2/11/2010 at 5pm. that many of the people on twitter may not have been old enough to remember some of the 80’s music. Oops.

The 80’s saw all the great techno dance bands visit Boston. We also had the Cars, and J Geils band as the home team along with many many more great local club bands.

This Thursday the former 80’s music video channel V66 is hosting a reunion concert featuring a bunch of these local Bands from Boston’s 80’s. I encourage the younger twitter users to check out the tweetup and the concert that follows if you can. You will get a crash course on what started the 80’s music scene in America, because all of it started here in Boston.

For more info on the V66 reunion Concert check out House of Blues Boston Website here

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