Fly me to the moon or better yet to #mpdm

From Post 10/21/2009

I used to fly as an account Executive a few years back and traveled quite well leaving Terra fir-ma, not the case now. I am in Chicago at the #mpdm Marketing Profs Social Media mixer and I flew from Logan this morning.

When I checked in my bags I was 6 pounds overweight. Not me personally but My bag. I was asked to pay 50.00 additional. I pulled my audio gear out of the main suitcase and voila. I then slogged to security.

A new gate inspector had never seen a field mixer, a video camera and 100 feet of XLR cable before so I was poked and prodded my carry on baggage violated. I was then allowed to proceed to gate still an hour til blastoff.

We took off on time and the flight went fine, very little turbulence. The drama started as we came in to land and suddenly our landing was aborted. We were rocked upward and that dread of oh crap set it. Pilot said there was debris on the runway. There was something burning off to the far side of the runway when we landed, but no mention of us aborting landing has been mentioned anywhere.

“ If men were meant to fly the would have wings” comes to mind. For this and other great aviation quotes see

Humbled at the get go.

I am not the fastest reader. I am not that well read. I wish I was sometimes but I am not. I am listening to Trust Agents the audio book and I just did the Technorati search from chapter 1 and nothing came up. Nothing for Skip Bensley or my company Brilliant Video Productions.

This cannot be a good thing for someone who has two blogs, twitter, linkedin and a Video production company that he has been running for 7 plus years. Not sure I am panicked but I am certainly humbled. I hope I find what it is that I am doing incorrectly from this book and can correct it.

#FollowFriday Spotlight follower

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was boycotting traditional #followfriday fair for a more concentrated approach. I would spotlight one follower that I thought was really interesting, and why. Then I got busy with work #ims09 and blah blah blah…

So, My first #followfriday mention and or victim is Jason Meserve. Jason and I met a few years back while he was at Network World. He produced video content for their website and was also co-host of the successful twisted Pair podcast and column at Network World. Jason left Network World earlier this year however and is now the “content guy” at Constant Contact.

What is most appealing about Jason is his sense of humor. He and I were simpatico from word go. We are both huge Boston Sports fans, and we are (ahem) both geeks. We also both love 5 guys and are always on the search for the ever better burger. We also like to try and stay up on new technologies and gadgets. He actually had the opportunity to demo many of the new cool tools stuff while at Network World.

The best thing about Jason however is his heart, he is genuine and just a great person to know. He is funny, sarcastic but in a way that you know where his heart is. He can laugh at you while laughing at himself as well.

I look forward to working with Jason again and just hanging out with him at 5 guys sometime soon. You can follow my friend and follow Friday spotlight follower of the week Jason Meserve at @jmeserve on Twitter.

The Redsox bow out

Jonathan Papelbom blew a save against the Angels the other night and before you could say “Fore” our beloved Redsox were done. This is usually a great time of year for the Redsox, Bruins and Patriots and Celtics are all playing at once. Being a spoiled Boston fan I expected the anticipated NY /Boston showdown in the ALCS. The Angels had other plans.

All we can hope for now I suppose is that the Dodgers somehow win the NLCS and Manny goes Manny on the Yankee’s. It would be nice if the Angels took the Yankees out but we will just have to hope and wonder what if?

The Redsox offense was offensive in the Angels series and could not ammount anything against an Angels pitching staff that usually isn’t that good. The Redsox were not patient like in years past they were anxious. Confidence goes along way and our Sox seemed swaggerless this year.

We need a bat, Jason Bay is now a free agent so re-signing him is job numero uno. If he is hesitant to take the hometown discount however we have noone to blame but Theo Epstein. That idea that 3 old guys = 1 good young arm #failed. Let’s get a real free agent and lock up a real 5th starter for next year also.

I still believe in the Redsox however, see you in April.