The Bensleygram

My dad wrote to all of us years ago with updates about whatever was going on with him while us kids were all in college. He was in transition from working at CBS news to fulltime farming and I guess he needed that outlet. What he didn’t realize was he was creating social media, and if it had been in email form ( email came much later) he was in fact creating a constant contact by writing monthly and keeping us all up to date.

I changed my blog name from Brilliant Video Productions blogging to the Bensleygram for two reasons. The first in honor of my dad and his wanting to be social. I also did it because much of my blog was about other things besides video production so to say it was Brilliant video productions blogging wan’t really accurate. Sure it’s my job but I am not producing video 24/7 although sometimes I wish I was.

I also wrote a Bensleygram to my friends and they thought it was pretty funny. I wrote about observations, sports, comedy, I sent pictures I ran thru a copier, I even had a guest illustrator make a cartoon once. I will continue to blog about whatever, but I just wanted to blog today about the name change. Hope all is well with you where you are currently.

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