Yes It really did happen…

Yes it really happened. The Boston Bruins won the Stanley cup. They beat Vancouver 4-0 in game 7 to win it.Nothing about winning it was easy except for the outcome of game 7. They played masterfully and the Canucks simply wore down. All the grinding, all the hits had taken its toll. Tim Thomas is the MVP of all things Hockey 2011. He will also probably win his 2nd Vezina trophy later this week. Kids will grow up wanting to play goalie for the Boston Bruins and the world is a better place. Boston also now has won all the major sports championships in the last 7 years with the Patriots winning their last 7 years ago. Congratulations to the Boston Bruins. The Bear was pissed and the Bear delivered.

Beat Vancouver


I am pissed. The Bruins blew an opportunity to win on home ice. They played scared against the van stupid canucks.
They don’t deserve your reverence at their place you beat them 3-1 there earlier when they were still the better team
on paper. The canucks are not that good. They just don’t deserve the stanley cup. Seize the moment Bruins and win it.
Not for the fans, not for Horton, but because you want it more then a bunch of Blue and green gerbils. Why you must
drag this out 7 games makes no sense.