TEDxBoston = WOW

Ted was Wow. It was awe inspiring. It made me laugh, it made me sing, it made me cry. It was what I thought it would be and more then I ever thought possible. I am forever grateful for the gift I was given Yesterday. I am sure I will have lots more to write about TEDx for I am still processing.
My thanks to everyone who participated, organized, spoke and or performed at TEDxBoston, you inspired us all.
It was great seeing some good friends there, it was also nice meeting and getting to know some new ones as well. Happy Friday

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More Iphone 4 stuff

I woke up this morning and tried to make a phone call and could not I had a locked sim.  Spoke with Loretta at ATT and she was very helpful in fixing that.  She also told me that the closest tower to me on the ATT network was severely degraded and that it was quite possible that my service had been impacted by that tower. While there are 20 towers in our region, the iphone looks for the closest tower just like a computer looking for the closest wifi. Unfortunately my phones have been locking in on a damaged signal. I am not sure that was the problem with my iphone4 which seemed bad anyway, but it may explain why my 3GS was wonky yesterday.

I hope this was helpful

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Apple will not take iphone 4 back.

So be warned that when you try and return your iphone 4 that the stores will not take them back directly. You need to setup a return through the apple store apparently, that is different somehow from the apple store you see in the mall. I dropped mine off at the Natick Collection and had my 3GS re-initialized at ATT store so I have a phone. Apple is now trying to do a return over the phone with me. They will need to cancel my iphone 4 upgrade and also cancel the two year contract I just signed with them. to be continued I’m sure…

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Banking hours ?

Chris Brogan posted that he slept 10 hours strait today. Two things come to mind, make that three. The first is that he must be on vacation. The 2nd is that contrary to popular belief Chris is not super human but mortal like the rest of us. Now for the third, I have always believed that when you are younger ages 13- 30 and you sleep-in and get 10-12 hours of sleep (or more) you are simply banking hours. Hours that your body needs yes, but also hours that your body will use later for the greater good. When you become a parent that greater good is realized. You get up early, you do extraordinary things and you give back those banked hours. So sleep in when you can, get the rest you need because most of you will have children and you will rise to the occasion and give all those hours back. That is unless your name is Lance Armstrong then you’ll go and win the Tour De france 7 or so times.

What are you banking hours for?

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How do you consolidate Twitter accounts?

As some of you know, (those who have seen me out and about at tweetups) I have started a new gig. Now the old gig isn’t gone Brilliant Video Productions Inc. still exists I just also work full time leading the Boston office of Corporate AV services. My dilemma now is what do I do with the @brilliant twitter name. I have like 3500 ppl following my brand there. I am seldom on that handle now however and I feel kind of bad because I probably will close it down. If you are following www.twitter.com/brilliantvideo please follow www.twitter.com/skipbensley instead. I wish it were easier to change names and accounts. I tried contacting twitter but have gotten nowhere with that. If anyone has ever been in my shoes and has blogged about it, or read about it could you let me know?

my thanks @SkipBensley on twitter.

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