Turning another page…

I am a 47 year old PT dad, I work and do everything for my kids. I try and squirrel away a little money so that they will have something for college and then some when I am gone. As a PT dad, I am also very selective to whom I share myself, and my kids with emotionally. Sadly, my most recent relationship failed. As I get older I get more hopeful that the next first date will be my last first date. I am sad and in mourning right now and I miss the relationship. Life will go on however as it always has one day at a time the best foot forward with the other one right behind it.

Time to heal and visit friends, travel some, spend more time with people I love most.

Rene Sings Phil out of his Boston Bruin Blues

I was at Casey’s Hotdogs in Natick today after a photo shoot at the Natick Service Council and Ran into Rene Rancourt a longtime Natick resident and local frequenter of Casey’s hotdogs. Pat and I were shooting the s, well you know and in walks Rene. Light bulb goes off, if Phil is ever going to play golf again and come out of hiding after the Bruins lost, Rene Rancourt the Tenor who sings at all home Bruins games can surely sing away the blues.

So I call phil, Rene sings Oh Canada into my iphone he says because they pay more in Canadian I guess and We all have a good laugh. Phil hears all this and does not know what to think and I explained what I did. I think Phil thought I was doing an impression or something and Rene mentioned he was Rene Rancourt’s manager while on the Phone with Phil. Anyway…

So to dispel all doubt and to extricate my Bruin Loving brother out of hiding I enclose the following picture. Call me about a Tee time Phil.

Heart Broken yet Again…

I want to thank the Boston Bruins for a great season of hockey. You guys made additional in roads into your search for Lord Stanley. The offense got better, the defense got better you inspired all of us with one of the best overall seasons in recent bruins history.

You still broke my heart however, and while it helps that I am currently working with the Heart Rhythm 2009 show in Boston, I hope my heart isn’t terminal. I am sure it will mend in time as it does every season. It could be worse, I could also be a Cubs fan.

Positive clients rule.

I work for quite a diverse group of clients and each has her or his own style, mannerisms and demeanor. I gravitate towards positive people and I look to
work with those that are also positive. I am picky that way

Last week I worked for a client that was positive, no matter what happened he was always happy. Asa from Mesa was a positive person and he got things done. He
almost always listened and was kind even if he disagreed with you.

Conversely David, is short always looks like he is pained when you speak to him
and I try to avoid him after her barked orders at me day one over a problem one
of his own people created that I took the brunt on.

Asa and David are night and day. One is someone you want to do something for
regardless. The other takes away your wind and you wish you could avoid them.
Both pay you for your services, but which one would you want to work for?

What are you doing here?

I freelanced with the American Association of Orthodontics last week. I sometimes freelance in AV work for clients in the Boston area. While working with their AV team I was asked by Calvin the question “with all you got going on, why are you here?”.

He assumed that because I have my own company, and a few projects in progress I should perhaps have more leisure time. I assured him that I did not. I also said if I could work 12 hour days every day I would .

I have a 6 year old daughter and 12 year old son that I need to squirrel away money for college for and I have over head in my apartment / home office. Getting complacent is not part of my business model.

I read a book several years ago called “who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson”. It tells in parable the story of change and how to deal with it. Lots of people are dealing with change these days so perhaps this book will become well read again.

It taught me that if you rely on one pile of cheese that pile will get depleted. If you don’t continue to find new ways to find cheese you may starve. My freelancing in AV is one more part of my search for cheese. I never stop looking for cheese now.

I hope this better explains what I was doing there.

Filtering social spam away from you.

If you are like me and I hope your are, I think we can both agree that spam is time consuming and regardless of how many times we delete it or label it spam it can still show up in our inbox. I have a spam blocker on my corporate email which requires verification which works very well.

For all social media sites, in example face book, linked in, Ning.com, twitter, I have all emails from those sites going to my GMail account. Goggle mail or GMail is great at filtering.
I do this to filter out the spam and have access to those emails when ever where ever.
Gmail is good at taking out the spam messages. I could automatically forward the non spam messages on to my corporate account also if I wanted too I just don’t.

This can all be done in gmail settings. It has saved me lots of time.

Get a PO#, or why acting in good faith isn’t enough.

Today business moves at blinding speed, clients often find my company via Google and engage me through email. Sometimes they kick the tires, want a quote or otherwise engage me. Sometimes they engage my services ask me to assist them and the relationship proceeds towards a contract and deliverable.

Sometimes however, people take advantage, have you do unsolicited consulting, some even have you do their jobs for them because they are too busy thus making you their virtual assistant. When this happens Get a PO#. Don’t be afraid to stop the process and make sure you are getting paid. Never assume it.

I recently had two companies engage me. The first unfortunately did the later. I assumed because they had me representing them and my company to a third party that an assumed contract was formed. When another potential bit of business contacted me about work on the same day I referred them to another video producer I did so because I was already engaged in this previous project.

Courtesy extended to this client was never returned and I was left with no shoot on that day. The initial contact became “very busy” and relegated the project to someone else who then hired someone else. I didn’t think badly of this potential client, I just felt powerless to the situation. An opportunity started then stopped and I was not driving.

When you are engaged for services always ask for a PO#, never assume that you are operating in good faith, stuff happens that is beyond your control sometimes and having a #PO certainly helps secure the process. Don’t be afraid to get paid.


I must report that I did something different about the above situation. I stayed engaged. I was professional but I sent emails to the original client and re-expressed my interest in working with him. I also explained my take on what happened.

We talked yesterday at length and I was re-hired to do this project. We both realized that we had never spoken on the phone and perhaps that is why it was so easy to dismiss the situation previously. Old fashion communication, talking and listening rued the day. I guess what I learned from all this is that once the email communication is achieved, make the phone call no matter how busy the other person is. Engage them, listen and good things may happen.