How to Choose a Videographer

VIDEO: Video is probably one of the most misunderstood and undervalued aspects of wedding planning. It is the unique combination of a service (the videotaping) and a finished product (the edited DVD or tape) that has many people discounting the importance of a wedding video. The importance and value of a wedding day video should not be overlooked.

VALUE: A quality video is a worthwhile long-term investment. After all the planning, effort, and expense of a wedding, wouldn’t you want a documentation of the day? Too many times brides think of video as an afterthought, when the budget is spent, and are disappointed with a fuzzy and shaky video. There is no other wedding product that shows the sights of you in your dress, the dancing, and behind the scenes as well as a video, since unlike photography it includes sound.

TYPES: Nowadays the old stereotypes of bright lights, large cameras, large tripods, cheesy animations, and hokey music should be forgotten. Times have changed. Today’s top videographers have access to the same tools and technology as many feature filmmakers. A contemporary trend is toward shorter videos of 30-40 minutes rather than the typical two-hour tapes. Other options include additional copies or interactive versions on DVD, love stories about your relationship, and video presentations screened at the reception.

TALENT: The genre of a wedding video requires that the videographer become excellent at many tasks. Much more than owning a superior camera they must learn composition, exposure, and focus. They must carefully monitor audio tracks from multiple microphones and be a good storyteller during editing, making a concise and entertaining to watch video. When you compare videographers look at more than just the initial price. The sound should be clearly recorded and the video could be crisp, sharp, and colorful. There should be no excuses for sloppy camerawork or editing.

CHOOSING: There are so many factors to consider when choosing a videographer. Unfortunately, many couples do not know the plethora of choices in style AND price we enjoy in this market. Searching for a great videographer involves watching sample clips at their studio or some enable you to view videos online, which can make your decision easier. Make sure your videographer belongs to a professional association like the Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) to continually improve their craft.

PRICES: Since all videographers have access to digital cameras of a 3-chip design, which yields more vibrant colors and better resolution, the price has more to do with talent than with technology alone. Fees can range from $2,000 for a basic video to $6,000 or more for wonderful video documentary. Sought-after videographers book a year or more in advance.

In the end you and future generations will have fun watching and reminiscing with your wedding movies that today’s wedding videographers create.

Nation Wide Bridal Survey Reveals Value of Videography..

Bridal Portrait

The following is an article courtesy of WEVA (Wedding and Event Videography Association),

Professional wedding videography is rapidly becoming a preferred medium for recording and preserving wedding memories, according to a new nationwide survey of brides who were married in 2002. The survey, commissioned by WEVA International, was conducted between January 27-February 5, 2003 by Breakthrough Marketing, Inc. Many of the results may seem intuitive to a dedicated professional videographer. However, the new survey provides the results in a quantifiable form.

The survey, conducted by telephone, revealed that brides in the planning process of the wedding do not immediately realize the impact of a professionally-produced video. Before the wedding, while brides are making plans, over half (54%) rank video as one of the Top 10 most important bridal services. However, that number increases to 79% AFTER the wedding, as brides look back and assess the individual value of each service. Before the wedding, 23% of brides view video as a Top 5 service. After the wedding, that number climbs to 42%. The value of video becomes greater after the wedding.

The survey revealed the value of video is greater with brides who use professional video services compared to those who don’t. Before the wedding, 41% of brides using a professional videographer consider videography a Top 5 service. But after the wedding the number grows to 59% who consider video a Top 5 service. And, after the wedding, 94% of these brides say they consider professional videography at least a Top 10 service.

One of the most surprising findings of the survey is the second thoughts, even regrets, among brides who decided not to utilize the services of professional videographers.

Among brides who used a friend or family member to videotape their wedding, instead of using a professional, nearly half (49%) said they would hire a professional if they had it all to do over again.

These second thoughts are even more pronounced with brides who didn’t have their weddings videotaped at all. In hindsight, 60% say they wished they had had their weddings videotaped.

As brides look back at their wedding, the survey showed that 79% of brides agree that future brides should at least consider using a professional to videotape their wedding day. Those feelings are even more pronounced among the brides who utilized the services of professional videographers, 95% of
whom think future brides should consider using a professional videographer. The survey results reveal professional videography has become very important to today’s brides. Its value is comparable to wedding photography, and even more valuable in some respects, according to brides surveyed. Most
importantly, the survey showed that brides feel more emphasis needs to be placed on videography in the wedding planning process.

WEVA International members will be able to find more survey results along with an industry analysis in upcoming issues of Wedding & Event Videography, the official publication for association members.
Results of this national survey, conducted by Breakthrough Marketing, Inc., are based on telephone interviews with 453 brides who were married in 2002. For results based on the total sample of brides, there is a 95% confidence factor that the margin of sampling error is plus or minus 4.75 percentage points. Breakthrough Marketing, Inc. (Des Moines, IA), are consultants to the wedding industry who regularly research the attitudes and buying patterns of brides, as well as industry trends among specific wedding services.

WEVA International is the leading trade association for professional wedding and event videographers. The association is dedicated to advancing the professional interests of wedding and event videographers worldwide through continuing education, technical support, group benefits, advocacy committees and professional development training.