Comcast does not care. They really don’t.

I have spent almost 3 hours today trying to get Comcast to fix my cable. They converted to digital and two days ago like many millions of people all my HD channels got filtered out. I had cable attached to all my TVs. The free video is now a whopping 50.00 a month.

It gets better however I can cancel my commercial grade internet package and get residential for 70.00 and my kids will still be able to see Nickelodeon and I will have internet also for work. At a time when I am desperately trying to save money this is a step in the wrong direction. I also surmise that Comcast has done this to millions of people and thusly have probably opened up a class action suit on themselves again.

Comcast is wanting you to have a 3D experience for the Masters but they don’t want people watching basic plug and play cable. For the 3D experience you need the glasses, the 3D ready HD TV and a full-blown HD account. Who can afford that these days?

It seems to me that Comcast has lost its way again, Lindsay in the Manchester NH office might care, but Comcast as a company does not seem too.

Wanted: Segment Sponsor for SXSW Interview

Do you want to be a sponsor of a Pete Cashmore interview at SXSW? Yes Pete Cashmore, he is rumored to be involved with that Mashable something. Do you want your products or goods peddled as commercials during this interview?

Of course you do. Why wouldn’t you?

This interview will take place at SXSW and will be with Jeff Cutler and Mike Langford aka NOMX3 as they delve about all things food and social media?

Did you know their videos get viewed on the following sites… ?

Ustream, YouTube,, Facebook, Twitter, Viddler, Seesmic and more

Did you know they currently get nearly 1000 site visits and 2500 page views per episode? .

Viewer demographics are still being compiled. ( that means lots of viewers watch too many to count in fact) Jeff and Mike are trying.

Do you have a 30 second spot you want dropped in? no problem. We can do this. Other sponsorship opportunities are also available at

Time is running out so don’t delay operators are standing by Now!!!!