In the alluring, atmospheric book “Jazz Images,” the late photographer Jean-Pierre Leloir conveys in images the French love of jazz and its heroes. Leloir, who worked for a wide range of publications, was able to take his photographs because the great musicians of the time came to France to perform, whether in Paris clubs and theatres or at the Antibes Jazz Festival, and many of the musicians whose portraits he took or whom he documented in concert were the luminaries of jazz modernity.  Read more here. 

Cool is the rule.



Today was a good day.




RIP Adam West

love you! goodnight batgrandpa 💐


The trouble is you think you have time



Don’t help others do rotten things.


Cyber Bullying Virus

Heather’s Story


When I was in 8th grade I gave a kid a concussion by throwing a rock on a skatepark. It was the worst thing I’d ever done and I already felt terrible but to make it even worse this one boy made a Facebook status and turned everyone against me people of never met messaged me saying kill myself. I got extremely depressed I had no friends I had nothing. I already hated myElf for doing it but everyone else made me feel worse. I made one mistake. One and everyone turned against me. Kids used to drop notes on my desk saying kill myself I was put inpatient at a hospital for a suicide attempt. Words hurt. No one stuck up for me. Hanging up on people is wrong watch what you say.


So many of our dreams at first seem impossible. Then they seem improbable.
And then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.

Nelson Mandela