Software do’s and do nots.

First off I don’t claim to be a software guru, I am not. I am a small business owner. What I write today I do because I have had some good experiences with software and some Horrific.

First the Good News. I am now migrated off of Windows completely. This was accomplished when quick books for Mac was created and I moved all the stuff I have for records over. Sadly I have not figured if I can migrate old Windows based QB databases over but if I can I eventually will.

I have also implemented Daylite which is like a robust ACT for Mac. I hope the people at market circle will forgive me but I love this product and so far so good. It would be nice if they created a conduit to the new quick books but I understand their internal push with Billings which is their own small biz accounting software. I kicked the tires of Billings but couldn’t really figure it out in the trial time they allotted (1 week). Quick books looks familiar and works just fine.

Daylite does everything, links email, calendar contacts all in one program. I was able to figure it out in 1 week and bought it after 2. Maybe they should think about extending the trial on Billings also.

All and all from a Accounting and Contact Management perspective I am off Windows on mac and on the run that’s the good news.

Now the Bad news..

If you are thinking about getting office 2007 and implementing small business accounting 2008 or 2008. Take your notebook and throw it out a three story drop. Better yet set it afire and roast marsh mellows with your windows machine.

2008 was the year of the database disasters not once but three times my database went so horribly wrong that it took down office 2007 once on a windows machine, and again on a Boot camp partitioned hard drive on my pro book.

Try as they might this program never worked right. Let me also say that I tried loading it on a third machine, a laptop for a woman that worked for me in sales for about a month. She was never able to get it to run on Gasp (vista) either. Where do you want to go today? no where if you buy office 2007. It was awful.

Once I have made sure I have all the data I can farm off the XP think Pad that currently has office 2007 on I will delete windows 2007 banishing forever and hopefully moving on in my life.

Friends don’t let friends drive Yugo’s remember that.

Friends don’t let friends use office 2007 or Windows (gasp) Vista.

Just my two cents noting more.

Friends don’t let friends buy Microsoft office 2007.

Happy New Year

Lots of changes, It’s a new Year. We have a new President and renewed hope I suppose that the country will turn itself around. President Obama was sworn in not once but twice and we all hope he has the answers and the wisdom to lead us out of this funk.
It would be nice if the US took the lead in something again. We used to lead the world in everything now we lead the world in deficits, bad wars, and we outsource everything we were once a leader in.
Change will not be fast or simple, but we will need it the world needs it. We need new energy, synthetic gasoline, solar power, renewed exploration of space and solving disease. We also need to stop all the wars and get our troops home.  But we also need to create a country where people can earn a living and prosper again and that will be no easy task.
I have been to quite a few networking events and I take away the same from each. Everyone is doing what they can to remain positive, but are all holding their breath at the same time.
Colleagues in the video world have mixed things to say. One may have nailed it on the head when he said get a bunch of pencils and stake out your corner.  Kids graduating college with a laptop, a mini DV cam and post production software are all calling themselves production companies these days .  People who like myself have been around are having to find new and creative ways to find our customers.
I attended a NETSEA event last night and a crowd of about 80 people showed up at the Westin in Waltham. There were a few nice people there including a fellow kindred iphone spirit who I connected with on Twitter and linked in.  
For the most part it was sales executives I think, and a few CEO’s and such. Everyone who was with the group NETSEA itself as a host was listed as a VP’s which is interesting. One staffer mentioned there are 400 VP’s working for NETSEA.
I met a few nice people from Zoom info and I told them I am waiting on their i-phone button with Xinga.  The Kindred I phone spirit was Mike Damphousse CEO from Green leads. Mike showed me a great networking tool that was already on my iphone and I wasn’t using it completely.  Thanks Mike.
I was told by a few members that the NETSEA group has its cliques, and it can be a tuff crowd to break into. This might better explain the and one guy who asked a question and then turned around and ignored my answer.  Despite this faux pa, all and all the event was a networking success and I look forward to visiting NETSEA again.
For more information about NETSEA see