Okcupid works but Okstupid did not turn his phone off.

Dating is different these days, you have a chance to find love on a variety of free websites. When you work two jobs you don’t really have time to meet people so you do what everyone else is doing. I joined ok Cupid at the recommendation of a friend that had met his GF on there. The interface is easy enough to navigate and its pretty easy to use and email people you might like to meet. I went on my first OK cupid Date tonight. She was better looking in person then her picture online, and she was very attractive.

I leave my phone on in case of emergencies with my kids. I have not talked with my friend Phil in awhile and he was call #1. Ignore go back to talking. WE chatted and then Andrew Calls me and although he and I have not spoken this year we have been playing phone tag. Ignore return to conversation with very nice very pretty first date.

Then the texts start from the ex about me telling my daughter she is going to Disney, and I don’t even believe it. Technology is a great thing sometimes. In this case it got me the date but it also took that same date away.

I was not surprised when she hit her remote starter as soon as we hit the parking lot, if roles were reversed I might have done the same thing.

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Whats in your wallet? I hope it’s not Sears Credit run by CitiBank

I had a Sears card for a very long time almost 20 years, My dad was a big fan of Sears also and I spent some Satudays with him shopping at the Catalog store in my hometown of New Rochelle NY. He would sometimes leave me at the TV section go place an order then come back. It’s a nice childhood memory. Yes he came back for me.

Sears Credit is now run by Citibank. I was issued a new card last year, I never even took the sticker off it and never even called to activate it. Funny thing in August it bought itself an online subscription from a company in CA for $59.99. When I saw the bill I called and explained that someone must have gotten a hold of my number or was issued the same number for fraud had occured. They said I should send in a letter explaining and they would take care of it. I sent the letter and thought that it would be taken care of. They closed the bad account labeled it fraud and sent me another card with a new account. They also took the fraud charge and posted it to the new account.

Why? I have no idea.

I called them again and asked why they had not taken the fraudulent charge off my account? They said that I had to fill out a form and that the letter I sent in was no longer acceptable. The Affadavit would be mailed to me. I never got the affadavit, and I doubt they ever sent one.

I got a notice today and I now owe 86.77 on a fradulaent charge that I never made in the first place. I called and spoke to them again and tried to explain and I was told that they never received the affadavit and thats why the charge stands. I also noticed however that this fradulaent charge was now on my credit report as a past due bill. When I asked them to remove it because of their egregious error they said not without the filed affadavit. So basically Sears Credit aka Citibank has ruined my credit report over a 59.99 charge that I never made.

They did wave the late fees and interest on the fradulent charge I never made however and seemed happy with themselves that they did so. They assure me that they will fix it, once they have the affadavit, but I now have to baby sit Citibank and make sure they do the right thing this time every step of the way. I don’t trust Sears Citibank , would you?

Sadly, I also won’t go to Sears stores anymore either. It’s now relegated to just a nice childhood memory.

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My seriously hopeful and delusional Superbowl Prediction.

This game will be a track meet. People say the Steelers will try and run the ball. I think they will put the Ball in Big Ben’s hands and have him throw throw throw. I think the Steelers know that the Packers will throw throw throw and since Rodgers is probably the hotter QB I think thats a good idea. You cannot establish the run when your 14 points down.

Both Defenses are vulnerable if you look at the stats. Packers aren’t great against the run and the Steelers are vulnerable to 4 and 5 wide sets. If the Steelers cannot get to Rodgers he will light them up like times square at rush hour. (go with it) Same with Big Ben if Pack doesn’t get him on ground he will get passes to his receivers.

I think this game will come done to two things, Special teams and a field goal kick. I like the Packers 34-31.

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For those of us in New England Struggling with Snow…

Chant and Repeat as often as is necessary for desired relief. Please also remember to lift with your legs while shoveling.

Catchers and Pitchers report in 12 days, Catchers and Pitchers report in 12 days. Catchers and Pitchers report in 12 days.



Picture stolen like 2nd base from the Boston globe 2010 Spring training pictures

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Chicken and Basil

I make some simple foods sometimes. One of my favorites is Basil Chicken, My 7 year old also loves it.

Wash off chicken breasts and dry with paper towel.

Put enough olive oil in a wok or fry pan to coat bottom.

Sprinkle ( fresh if you got it) dry basil over both sides of Chicken breasts, 

Place in hot olive oil and pan sear, lightly sprinkle with Garlic salt and fresh ground pepper.

When you turn hit the other side with Garlic Salt and pepper.

At the turn, lower heat to medium and cook an additional 15 minutes turning until golden brown.

Serve with Brown rice and Broccoli. Bon Appetite 

Picture lifted from “for the love of cooking.net”

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