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Apple Watch dangers via ‏@_Pandy

As unforeseen a danger as the code the kids are now sharing to turn off each other’s phones.


So true, make your time count.



So is grammar. 

Source: Brad Takei

Yes, yes it is.


Stay Positive and be determined…

Pescetarian Skippy

Day 3 and so far so good. I just decided I would try it. My daughter 12 is. To save you time it’s like a vegetarian that eats seafood. But Vegatarians hate that reference. 

Urban Dictionary says:

Pescetarian is an omnivore who excludes poultry, beef, and pork from their diet but includes fish (and usually other forms of seafood like shrimp, oysters, scallops, etc.).  Because these people do choose to include meat in their diet (seafood is muscle tissue from a live animal and therefore meat), they are not vegetarian as vegetarians do not consume meat.Sally doesn’t eat beef, chicken, or poutry but does include fish and some other forms of seafood in her diet. She is a pescetarian. 


The Bensleygram turned 2 today! Well it’s actually 8 years old but 2 years old on tumblr. I had it on blogger before tumblr.  So Yippy!


Friends don’t let friends open referral Key…

If you get an invite to join referral Key delete it. Otherwise upon opening the invite,  they will spam all your Linkedin contacts with invites. They also may create a profile of you on their site and try to pass it off as if you created the profile. If you ask them to take it down via customer service they will send you a genius email like this one…

Simply log into your account. Choose “settings” at the top of the page, then “cancel”

Download the e-book… it goes over the site in incredible detail

That would be great except I never signed up for the fake account you created in the first referral key. 

I now have found something worse then Linkedin, in fact referral key is the anti LinkedIn thats how bad they are.


David Letterman Highlights featuring the Foo Fighters performing Everlong.


This past Wednesday the man that should have hosted the Tonight show retired from his own show the Late Show with David Letterman. His last show had many celebrities stop by to do a top ten list and then it was Dave talking saying goodbye and turning things over to the Foo Fighters.

I remember when Johnny Carson retired and it was so sad it made me cry. When David Letterman did Wednesday, I felt relieved for him somehow. He went out his way, on his terms.  Thank you David Letterman for 30 years of entertainment we will never forget.