One week into History

Last week we all stood in lines and waited patiently to do our civic duty in casting our vote for President. History was made as Barack Obama was elected the first African American President. He was quick to accept victory with the caveat that he is not in charge until January. Smart man, while I am not sure how the meeting with the bushes went except for blurbs about all smiles , but I am hopeful that now he is elected he will employ the same savvy that got him elected to the financial crisis. It’s interesting that the President of Iran was the first to send him a letter of congratulations. Hopefully Mr. Obama can restore our citizenship status with the world. I realize he cannot undo everything that has been done by the previous administration but he can try. He is already putting his team together for the White house, and I suspect he will continue to ramp up probably more aggressively then any president elect in history. His time is now, and will be official in January.