Congratulations Lisa and Louis

Lisa and Louis were wed February 10th in Weston Massachusetts and Brilliant Video Productions was there for their very classy and intimate wedding. The reception was at the beautiful and renamed Taj Boston (formerally Ritz Carton, Boston) Brilliant Video Productions Inc. joins their respective families in wishing them both all the happiness in the world. Congratulations…

2007 off with a bang and a 007…

2007 started with a bang from a 007 and a fun project with the very fun crowd over at Iona Technologies, Waltham. They asked and got BVP Studios to edit together some classic video clips from the legendary James Bond film series of films to help launch their Sales efforts appropriately titled double 007 . They also had Brilliant shoot and edit Skits with some of the Iona sales brass doing sendups of meetings and advertisements. Our Client at Iona was very pleased with our efforts and she is now a reference…..

Getting The Right Wedding Videographer

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Getting The Right Wedding Videographer

The beauty of video is that it is able to capture the whole day, from the small intimate details to the broadest spectrum of emotions. Improvements in technology, smaller cameras and the need for less artificial light can allow the right videographer to capture the day’s events without actually being a part of it. In addition to being a precious keepsake of your wedding day, your wedding video is a great way to capture moments you may otherwise miss.
When considering a videographer, select the package that highlights the events that are most important to you.

When viewing a videographer’s work, you will become aware of the many intangibles that become subjective through the eyepiece of the camera and in the mind of the videographer director/editor. You will instinctively know when a particular videographer’s emotional style clicks with your own.

Tips for Selecting a Videographer

Look for a videographer who is experienced, creative and artistic.
When viewing examples of work, look at the clarity and quality of the video, the composition, as well as the details of shooting and editing.

Questions To Ask Your Videographer

What type of lighting will the videographer use?
How will the videographer be dressed at the wedding?
Do you have sample videos I can see?
How long have you been in business?
What packages do you offer?
Do you use Professional Quality equipment, accessories and supplies?
How many cameras do you use?
Do you have back-up equipment that is comparable in quality to the original?
Do you use wireless microphones?
Do you offer Non-Linear Digital Editing?
Do you copy-protect or scramble the videotape?
What are your guarantees and liabilities?
Do you have a written contract?
Are you unobtrusive?
Will the shoot interfere with the proceedings in any way?
How much do you charge for additional hours beyond the agreed contract?
Do you work with the photographer to ensure mutual cooperation?
Are you there throughout the entire reception?
Will you go to a location (like the beach or a park) without additional charge?
How much are additional copies of the wedding tapes?
Do you have references that I can call?

A Professional Wedding Video isn’t expensive, it’s Priceless!