God I hate being sick…

Having an ailment sucks. It stops you in your tracks. I am a relatively healthy person, and as such it takes something like lack of sleep and strep to take me down. When I get taken down however I am a big baby also. Something about wanting to be taken care of emerges. This isn’t my norm, I like to take care of others, so that can be a struggle also albeit a good one I suppose. I am lucky to have a very nice woman in my life. She brought me soup, mashed potatoes and rice pudding today. While I could not taste any of it, I ate it all because it made her happy and made me feel good knowing she cared enough to get me the goodies in the first place. Talk about your chicken soup for your soul. Thanks Terri.

Massachusetts just says no…

Yesterday was a huge day in Massachusetts and a large day for our country the ramifications may not be fully understood until much later on down the road. The late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat was up and the race was between Martha Coakley Democrat and Scott Brown republican.

The race was very tight about a week ago in some polls, and when democrats in Washington DC started figuring how they could get around the Caucus majority vote thing I thought Coakley was in big trouble and clearly she was.

Lots of money was poured into the campaign on both sides. I recieved phone calls from both camps (I am an independent) and I heard messages from Bill Clinton, President Obama and Vickie Kennedy. I also heard from Scott Brown.

Scott Brown ran the underdog race, and ran the cleaner campaign. When things got messy
it was the Coakley campaign that threw the first mud. When you are the presumed front runner maybe casting the first stone is bad, just FYI.

Scott Brown won and is now the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts. He will now vote on Universal Health care a cause that was very important too and is part of the late Ted Kennedy’s legacy the Senator he now replaces.

In addition to the Socialized Heath-care bill, Massachusetts has seemed disenchanted with Billion dollar bailouts as well. New Englanders are grinders, We don’t need bailouts we grind things out. Lots of people I talked with recently really regret the decision to bail some of those lousy companies out.

Massachusetts has said No to President Obama, billion dollar bailouts and universal heathcare will the rest of the country now follow suit?

Photo by megboudreau

Please Help Haiti if you can.

As you know there was a devastating Earthquake in Haiti and there are 100,000 people feared dead and or missing currently. Relief will never come fast enough for this country. If you can please contribute to the 12k for 12 widget and donate what you can for Hope for Haiti.

You can read Hope for Haiti’s press release about their aid program here. Additionally, you can follow their progress in Haiti via the Hope For Haiti Twitter account.

Enclosed is the chip in widget to make a donation easier.


In Defense of Conan O’brien

In Defense of Conan O’brien

This poor guy is getting abused worse then David Letterman did when the original late show wars raged between Letterman and Leno over Johnny Carson’s throne. In Defense of Conan, he is right. He has not been given a fair shake, He has been given the NBC handshake ( do you remember that) and its NBC (nothing but crap) repeating their own sad sick twisted history.

Jay you gave up the seat that Johnny sat in. You gave up the Tonight Show. What were you thinking? You totally screwed up. Be the bigger man (ok maybe even huskier) and walk away. Ride your Indian motorcycle off into the sunset. Failing that, come back to Boston and do stand up, coming home might give you sorely needed perspective. Warming up Sunday nights in Manhattan beach clearly aren’t working anymore.

Let Conan have his shot. NBC let you have yours.

I will lose weight this year…

As a matter of self preservation and determination I have decided to publicly announce one of my personal goals for 2010 which is to lose 30 pounds. I wish to get healthier, exercise more and get in shape for the Pan Mass Challenge 2010. I plan on riding the full ride and being in shape to do so. In years past I may have thought about it, talked about it but this year I am going to lose the weight.

If you have dieted in the past and you found something that works won’t you please share it with me?

Sadly my previous affiliations with fast food favorite franchises like McDonalds, Five Guys burgers and fries and others too many to mention are now concluded.

Here is to a healthy Start to 2010.