Come out of the Cyber Closet already …

Dear People of Earth can we agree on one thing? No it’s not about war, religion, politics or anything that will save lives or benefit humanity. It’s about your social media icon. Can we all agree that by now everyone on the planet (that can access the internet via a computer) should be able to log into a social media channel and upload a picture of themselves or what they represent.  Is it still too hard to do?

Perhaps its a vanity problem? Are there just too many good pictures of you to choose from that you cannot settle on just one? Really?  Maybe its another problem entirely and the other pictures of you don the walls of the US Postal Service. Whatever it is, come out of the Cyber closet. So which is it?

I hope it’s not simply the fact that nobody has taken the time to help you put a picture on your Facebook or Twitter accounts that would be just sad, and kind of counter to the helpfulness that social media was originally intended for.

If you fall into the later category in earnest and need help please write me.  I am here to help.

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