Buzz off thanks

Google Buzz, I tried it, and I was overwhelmed with people from China, Taiwan and other countries wanting to follow me. If I spoke Mandarin it might make sense, since it appears I have trouble with English sometimes maybe not so much. I was never bum rushed like that on twitter, but it was enough to make me stop. Buzz off.

Chris Penn wrote about how Brilliant Google Buzz is. I agree that less noise and better exchanges are great, but I thought friend feed was lots like that. Buzz seemed like friend feed light to me, or friend feed with fewer share channels. While I like friend feed lots, I don’t really think I need two of them. I also don’t relish the need to distract myself any further on a daily basis. Less being more of course.

If you need to turn off your buzz also see the CNET blog post below it tells you in detail how to shut it down correctly. Not doing it correctly apparently leaves your personal info out there.

Know your limitations…

In Dirty Harry the last line of the film was “a man’s got to know his own limitations” I may be good at video production but as far as being an early adopter testing things like Friend feed and feeding it to face book and twitter I am a doofus.

Interesting tonight I pleaded to the Twitter cosmos to see if anyone had similar problems. 1 person a friend and colleague responded. Thanks Jason. The thing I also noticed that in my rant of frustration I got 10 more followers on twitter. 10 more people but no more help on this problem.

Chris Brogan got me and another 100o plus lemmings to respond to a Star Trek trivia question which of course I knew the answer on.

“ a mans got to know his own limitations”