This past Wednesday the man that should have hosted the Tonight show retired from his own show the Late Show with David Letterman. His last show had many celebrities stop by to do a top ten list and then it was Dave talking saying goodbye and turning things over to the Foo Fighters.

I remember when Johnny Carson retired and it was so sad it made me cry. When David Letterman did Wednesday, I felt relieved for him somehow. He went out his way, on his terms.  Thank you David Letterman for 30 years of entertainment we will never forget. 

In Defense of Conan O’brien

In Defense of Conan O’brien

This poor guy is getting abused worse then David Letterman did when the original late show wars raged between Letterman and Leno over Johnny Carson’s throne. In Defense of Conan, he is right. He has not been given a fair shake, He has been given the NBC handshake ( do you remember that) and its NBC (nothing but crap) repeating their own sad sick twisted history.

Jay you gave up the seat that Johnny sat in. You gave up the Tonight Show. What were you thinking? You totally screwed up. Be the bigger man (ok maybe even huskier) and walk away. Ride your Indian motorcycle off into the sunset. Failing that, come back to Boston and do stand up, coming home might give you sorely needed perspective. Warming up Sunday nights in Manhattan beach clearly aren’t working anymore.

Let Conan have his shot. NBC let you have yours.