Massachusetts just says no…

Yesterday was a huge day in Massachusetts and a large day for our country the ramifications may not be fully understood until much later on down the road. The late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat was up and the race was between Martha Coakley Democrat and Scott Brown republican.

The race was very tight about a week ago in some polls, and when democrats in Washington DC started figuring how they could get around the Caucus majority vote thing I thought Coakley was in big trouble and clearly she was.

Lots of money was poured into the campaign on both sides. I recieved phone calls from both camps (I am an independent) and I heard messages from Bill Clinton, President Obama and Vickie Kennedy. I also heard from Scott Brown.

Scott Brown ran the underdog race, and ran the cleaner campaign. When things got messy
it was the Coakley campaign that threw the first mud. When you are the presumed front runner maybe casting the first stone is bad, just FYI.

Scott Brown won and is now the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts. He will now vote on Universal Health care a cause that was very important too and is part of the late Ted Kennedy’s legacy the Senator he now replaces.

In addition to the Socialized Heath-care bill, Massachusetts has seemed disenchanted with Billion dollar bailouts as well. New Englanders are grinders, We don’t need bailouts we grind things out. Lots of people I talked with recently really regret the decision to bail some of those lousy companies out.

Massachusetts has said No to President Obama, billion dollar bailouts and universal heathcare will the rest of the country now follow suit?

Photo by megboudreau

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