Dunkin Donut response to my safety inquiry.


Well as expected the local Dunkin Donuts HR Person did not address my concearns about safety but did pony up 4 free Coffee and breakfast muffin coupons that do not expire.

The trick is you have to use them at the one Franchisee’s dunkin donut locations.

Since I have not seen a written safety protocol, and have not been invited to a store to see one, I have no choice but to assume none of these locations actually has a saftey protocol in place.

Perhaps you should avoid all these locations, especially if you have a baby, newborn or you are over 60 years of age. The locations were listed on the coupons.
54 East Central Natick, MA
133 west central street Natick, MA
334 Waverly Street, Framingham, MA
266 Concord Street, Framingham, MA
51 Pond Plaza, Ashland, MA

Lastly I have begun random interviews with employees at dunkin donuts and of 4 employees thus far none has ever seen a safety manual while working at dunkin donuts and nobne of them knows of any systems in place to help anyone in case of an emergency or serious scalding.

No more dunkin donuts for me part deux

Ok so it turns out Ginger was not from the Corporate Dunkin donuts but she was from the franchise owners HR department. She represents the franchise owner that owns 5 or so dunkin donuts and they do their own training and ( or not in this case) to insure that everyone driving through or purchasing in the store is safe. I had talked with D.D.C.C.  or “dunkin donuts Corporate C something earlier in the day.   While talking to Dunkin Donuts corporate we got cut off and when I tried to call back and speak to a Lina or Leena there was nobody at Dunkin donuts corporate offices by that name. Their dial in number is ridiculous.  I think it’s puzzling that dunkin donuts corporate would relight a fuse that the franchisee was trying to extinguish. It’s not the first time in corporate american history where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing but really?

Ginger did mention that the manager that ran around looking for windex was let go and that a few other people were removed from their roles at the Dunkin Donuts at 133 West Central street in Natick. While I am sorry for their loss of jobs I am still uncertain as to what the safety protocols if any exist at dunkin donuts. When I pressed ginger today about them she said they were in place and I asked her to show me.

Ginger mentioned a letter had been sent to me by the franchise owner, and by her and that it would arrive in a few days. Whatever it says I promise to copy it and post it here.

No more dunkin donuts for me thanks

The last cups in the can 
Last week I was scalded by a hot cup of coffee at the drive thru tossed at me (cover off)  by the woman I will just call the defendant. This happened at the Dunkin Donuts at Route 135 and Speen Street in Natick, MA. It was almost ironic for I was the foursquare mayor before the dousing.
When I walked in and asked for the manager, the man in blue  ( we will call him co-defendant) walked with me and quickly apologized but then went on a rant about how dumb his employees were that the corporate office had not even trained correctly. He also mentioned there had been tons and tons of turnover at his location.
This throwing his people under the bus was amusing, but I was still covered with hot coffee as was the inside of my car. I calmly explained that the woman had not apologized and had just said aught oh no cover.  I asked for some paper towels and some windex. The manager raced around for a few minutes until he located the windex.  I grabbed napkins because paper towels are for employees only.  I then went out to my car to spray the insides down so I could drive to the appointment I would then be late for. I asked the manager to have the owner contact me, and I left smelling of coffee my morning ruined.
The next day I was contacted by Ginger from the Dunkin Donuts Corporate offices. She listened to my report and interjected nicely with the right amount of ohh my gods and sympathetic outrage. Ginger mentioned there were practices and systems in place for this type of situation and that none of their protocols  had been followed. When I asked what those were however the question was never answered. This however was the last I have heard from Dunkin donuts.
My situation was not life threatening but what if a child had been scalded,  Or perhaps a new born?  What then Dunkin Donuts? Would you throw your staff under the bus then or maybe fire everyone and start over? Sweeping up the mess under a rug doesn’t work here.  You need  real solutions and real  safety measures in place.  
What do you think Dunkin Donuts should do?