No more dunkin donuts for me part deux

Ok so it turns out Ginger was not from the Corporate Dunkin donuts but she was from the franchise owners HR department. She represents the franchise owner that owns 5 or so dunkin donuts and they do their own training and ( or not in this case) to insure that everyone driving through or purchasing in the store is safe. I had talked with D.D.C.C.  or “dunkin donuts Corporate C something earlier in the day.   While talking to Dunkin Donuts corporate we got cut off and when I tried to call back and speak to a Lina or Leena there was nobody at Dunkin donuts corporate offices by that name. Their dial in number is ridiculous.  I think it’s puzzling that dunkin donuts corporate would relight a fuse that the franchisee was trying to extinguish. It’s not the first time in corporate american history where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing but really?

Ginger did mention that the manager that ran around looking for windex was let go and that a few other people were removed from their roles at the Dunkin Donuts at 133 West Central street in Natick. While I am sorry for their loss of jobs I am still uncertain as to what the safety protocols if any exist at dunkin donuts. When I pressed ginger today about them she said they were in place and I asked her to show me.

Ginger mentioned a letter had been sent to me by the franchise owner, and by her and that it would arrive in a few days. Whatever it says I promise to copy it and post it here.

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