Three Strikes I’m Out. WTF…

Sometimes you just have bad customer service experiences, but when you have three in a row you start to question yourself as I have. Is it me am I doing something wrong? I will let you decide.

1. gomylocal: They had my company listed all wrong on its listing and when I tried to have them reset my password they said they could not do that. So I asked them to delete my listing. This revealed another version of my listing that was also wrong going back 4 years. I had them delete that one also so that’s that. WTF?

2. Marketcircle: (Daylite) This program is my ACT for Mac program that I wrote so many good things about last year after I got rid of windows finally. Well an update rolled out recently and now my database name and password are gone. Did they create a customer service incident? We will see. I am not in habit of deleting this info.

3. Bank of America said they sent me a new bank card on june 11th, and yet I did not get one. So yesterday when I was heading out I had to rush to an open banking center for my temp replacement card expired. Can you say two hours of my life I can never get back. I mean WTF.

Bonus: I tried updating my map on Tom Tom last night and it crashed while downloading the new map. Sure they have my money but can I get the map to download nooooo. WTF?

You need to laugh sometimes and I try, but sometimes you just need to say WTF.

Software do’s and do nots.

First off I don’t claim to be a software guru, I am not. I am a small business owner. What I write today I do because I have had some good experiences with software and some Horrific.

First the Good News. I am now migrated off of Windows completely. This was accomplished when quick books for Mac was created and I moved all the stuff I have for records over. Sadly I have not figured if I can migrate old Windows based QB databases over but if I can I eventually will.

I have also implemented Daylite which is like a robust ACT for Mac. I hope the people at market circle will forgive me but I love this product and so far so good. It would be nice if they created a conduit to the new quick books but I understand their internal push with Billings which is their own small biz accounting software. I kicked the tires of Billings but couldn’t really figure it out in the trial time they allotted (1 week). Quick books looks familiar and works just fine.

Daylite does everything, links email, calendar contacts all in one program. I was able to figure it out in 1 week and bought it after 2. Maybe they should think about extending the trial on Billings also.

All and all from a Accounting and Contact Management perspective I am off Windows on mac and on the run that’s the good news.

Now the Bad news..

If you are thinking about getting office 2007 and implementing small business accounting 2008 or 2008. Take your notebook and throw it out a three story drop. Better yet set it afire and roast marsh mellows with your windows machine.

2008 was the year of the database disasters not once but three times my database went so horribly wrong that it took down office 2007 once on a windows machine, and again on a Boot camp partitioned hard drive on my pro book.

Try as they might this program never worked right. Let me also say that I tried loading it on a third machine, a laptop for a woman that worked for me in sales for about a month. She was never able to get it to run on Gasp (vista) either. Where do you want to go today? no where if you buy office 2007. It was awful.

Once I have made sure I have all the data I can farm off the XP think Pad that currently has office 2007 on I will delete windows 2007 banishing forever and hopefully moving on in my life.

Friends don’t let friends drive Yugo’s remember that.

Friends don’t let friends use office 2007 or Windows (gasp) Vista.

Just my two cents noting more.

Friends don’t let friends buy Microsoft office 2007.