Three Strikes I’m Out. WTF…

Sometimes you just have bad customer service experiences, but when you have three in a row you start to question yourself as I have. Is it me am I doing something wrong? I will let you decide.

1. gomylocal: They had my company listed all wrong on its listing and when I tried to have them reset my password they said they could not do that. So I asked them to delete my listing. This revealed another version of my listing that was also wrong going back 4 years. I had them delete that one also so that’s that. WTF?

2. Marketcircle: (Daylite) This program is my ACT for Mac program that I wrote so many good things about last year after I got rid of windows finally. Well an update rolled out recently and now my database name and password are gone. Did they create a customer service incident? We will see. I am not in habit of deleting this info.

3. Bank of America said they sent me a new bank card on june 11th, and yet I did not get one. So yesterday when I was heading out I had to rush to an open banking center for my temp replacement card expired. Can you say two hours of my life I can never get back. I mean WTF.

Bonus: I tried updating my map on Tom Tom last night and it crashed while downloading the new map. Sure they have my money but can I get the map to download nooooo. WTF?

You need to laugh sometimes and I try, but sometimes you just need to say WTF.

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