My seriously hopeful and delusional Superbowl Prediction.

This game will be a track meet. People say the Steelers will try and run the ball. I think they will put the Ball in Big Ben’s hands and have him throw throw throw. I think the Steelers know that the Packers will throw throw throw and since Rodgers is probably the hotter QB I think thats a good idea. You cannot establish the run when your 14 points down.

Both Defenses are vulnerable if you look at the stats. Packers aren’t great against the run and the Steelers are vulnerable to 4 and 5 wide sets. If the Steelers cannot get to Rodgers he will light them up like times square at rush hour. (go with it) Same with Big Ben if Pack doesn’t get him on ground he will get passes to his receivers.

I think this game will come done to two things, Special teams and a field goal kick. I like the Packers 34-31.

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