Okcupid works but Okstupid did not turn his phone off.

Dating is different these days, you have a chance to find love on a variety of free websites. When you work two jobs you don’t really have time to meet people so you do what everyone else is doing. I joined ok Cupid at the recommendation of a friend that had met his GF on there. The interface is easy enough to navigate and its pretty easy to use and email people you might like to meet. I went on my first OK cupid Date tonight. She was better looking in person then her picture online, and she was very attractive.

I leave my phone on in case of emergencies with my kids. I have not talked with my friend Phil in awhile and he was call #1. Ignore go back to talking. WE chatted and then Andrew Calls me and although he and I have not spoken this year we have been playing phone tag. Ignore return to conversation with very nice very pretty first date.

Then the texts start from the ex about me telling my daughter she is going to Disney, and I don’t even believe it. Technology is a great thing sometimes. In this case it got me the date but it also took that same date away.

I was not surprised when she hit her remote starter as soon as we hit the parking lot, if roles were reversed I might have done the same thing.

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