An Apple angel to the rescue

I had a snafu getting my dad an iTunes gift card sent to him for Christmas. I placed the order on the 18th, and it shipped on the 20th overnight.  Somehow the order got sent to me instead of my dad. When I got the email at 6:30am I called Apple at 9:00am. I explained and they said they would ask fedex for a re-route of the package. Fedex never got the message about re-route and left it on my snowy stairs. (Apple hates when FEDEX does not get a signature)  it’s in their contract.  When I called FEDEX they said they would retrieve the package but would not reroute it anywhere but back to Apple. Thank you Mrs Scrooge at the FEDEX  Framingham Depot on New York Ave you were anything but helpful.  

I called Apple back and an Apple Angel resent a new card to my Father overnight. I hope it gets to him before Christmas. I also hope Apple shipped it UPS. The Apple angel fixed the problem, and took the time to make things right. I know, “ that’s what they are supposed to do”  Its still nice when it happens.


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