If I am creepy, you must be socially retarded.

So I am am AT SMB#21 last week and was glad to see lots of people I have not seen since like August. I was so glad in factthat I added a bunch of people in the room to a check-in I did on Facebook. It went rather un-noticed until one person in the same room with me decided what I did was creepy.  He posted it on his wall. Nice, we are in the same room, maybe 6 people apart and  Iam creepy?  How about getting off your fat ass walking over and being a man and explaining it, I would have taken it down of course ,But calling me creepy in this case just makes me think WTF.   Are you so socially retarded that talking isn’t part of your social mix? I think this social media thing needs an enema.  

A few weeks ago there was this incident at USC. Bill Nye “Mr Science” fainted and nobody came to his aid. Everyone was tweeting about his fainting and taking pictures to upload. Clearly we are starting to send the wrong message to our kids. 

What do you think?


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