Apple lied… Don’t order online at Christmas…

Don’t ever order anything on iTunes at Christmas they will create emails and minutia, they will spin their wheels and lie to you, they will submit notices of pending internal discussions that yield nothing. I was told that my dad would get a new card sent this has not happened, it won’t happen. They said they were refunding my money but that did not happen yet either. I am out 50.00 and 5 hours of my life enduring 11 phone calls that have yielded nothing. This may be the worst customer experience ever.  All over a $50.00 gift card. They sent it, it was lost, they said they would send a new one, but they can’t is the message I have gotten. Next time I will go buy one in person and mail it myself. 

Merry Christmas Apple

Posted via email from The Bensleygram

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