Positive clients rule.

I work for quite a diverse group of clients and each has her or his own style, mannerisms and demeanor. I gravitate towards positive people and I look to
work with those that are also positive. I am picky that way

Last week I worked for a client that was positive, no matter what happened he was always happy. Asa from Mesa was a positive person and he got things done. He
almost always listened and was kind even if he disagreed with you.

Conversely David, is short always looks like he is pained when you speak to him
and I try to avoid him after her barked orders at me day one over a problem one
of his own people created that I took the brunt on.

Asa and David are night and day. One is someone you want to do something for
regardless. The other takes away your wind and you wish you could avoid them.
Both pay you for your services, but which one would you want to work for?