What are you doing here?

I freelanced with the American Association of Orthodontics last week. I sometimes freelance in AV work for clients in the Boston area. While working with their AV team I was asked by Calvin the question “with all you got going on, why are you here?”.

He assumed that because I have my own company, and a few projects in progress I should perhaps have more leisure time. I assured him that I did not. I also said if I could work 12 hour days every day I would .

I have a 6 year old daughter and 12 year old son that I need to squirrel away money for college for and I have over head in my apartment / home office. Getting complacent is not part of my business model.

I read a book several years ago called “who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson”. It tells in parable the story of change and how to deal with it. Lots of people are dealing with change these days so perhaps this book will become well read again.

It taught me that if you rely on one pile of cheese that pile will get depleted. If you don’t continue to find new ways to find cheese you may starve. My freelancing in AV is one more part of my search for cheese. I never stop looking for cheese now.

I hope this better explains what I was doing there.

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