Rene Sings Phil out of his Boston Bruin Blues

I was at Casey’s Hotdogs in Natick today after a photo shoot at the Natick Service Council and Ran into Rene Rancourt a longtime Natick resident and local frequenter of Casey’s hotdogs. Pat and I were shooting the s, well you know and in walks Rene. Light bulb goes off, if Phil is ever going to play golf again and come out of hiding after the Bruins lost, Rene Rancourt the Tenor who sings at all home Bruins games can surely sing away the blues.

So I call phil, Rene sings Oh Canada into my iphone he says because they pay more in Canadian I guess and We all have a good laugh. Phil hears all this and does not know what to think and I explained what I did. I think Phil thought I was doing an impression or something and Rene mentioned he was Rene Rancourt’s manager while on the Phone with Phil. Anyway…

So to dispel all doubt and to extricate my Bruin Loving brother out of hiding I enclose the following picture. Call me about a Tee time Phil.

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