Sorry but you won’t see me presenting at Podcamp Boston 6.


This year like every year I eagerly awaited news about Podcamp Boston. When registration went up I bought my tickets and sent in my discussion submissions. Last year I did two talks one with Joseline Mane, Steve Garfield and Robert Collins called return of the visual suspects and a 2nd Q&A session about video production. Both were well attended. In 2009 we also had Matthew Mamet as one of the visual suspects, and that one was also well attended.

Every year there has always been a gaff with my submission or registration this year there was both. First I was told they got no discussion submissions. This was too bad, because I had sent them in the day I registered. Today I was told my registration could not be found. I then sent a copy of my registration to Podcamp 6 Boston and they were able to find it much easier. I was also told they were trying to refund me. They wrongly assumed I no longer wanted to attend. I was not sure why they thought this. I was disappointed that I could not present sure, but I had not indicated anything about not attending.

I realize we are all very busy, and that many really good people volunteer to put podcamps together. I just don’t understand why it is that my involvement is always a burden to the organizers. I was dissapointed I could not share my thoughts on web video and where it has gone but I never said I was cancelling altogether. Perhaps they were making that decision for me?,  trying to be helpful somehow?

I promise to work smarter in 2010, less apps is more.

In 2009, I found myself in constant learning mode. I learned lots more about social media, what works, what doesn’t and what I can use. I also learned about iPhone applications that work, don’t work and the ones I plan to use going forward. I promise to work smarter in 2010 and put iPhone and cool toy blinders on. I figure I cost myself thousands of dollars figuring out new apps when I should have been worrying more about being more profitable.

I have weeded out quite a few applications on the iPhone and I will share my thoughts this is a blog after all.

I will use TweetDeck for twitter on my laptop computer and iPhone. I like it, it can handle 2 accounts on twitter, does facebook and now also LinkedIn as well. As I personally transition to whatever is next in my professional life, I may need a few twitter accounts to pull it off with and with TweetDeck I think I am covered.

I plan to use Posterous. I plan on using it to post pictures and short blurbs too big for twitter but too small to blog. @chrisbrogan used it very effectively until he abandoned all logic and dumped his iPhone and went with an android and Pixelpipe . I give Chris credit however, I cannot for the life of me figure out Pixelpipe, and in keeping with work smarter not harder I pick Posterous.

I am torn between Qik and Ustream for mobile lives treaming of iPhone video partially because both are so new and both need work to make the video streaming better. I cannot therefore make a clear choice between apples and um apples. Maybe Livestream will blow them both away. Until then I will keep both and hope one improves greatly and makes my choosing easier.

I will stick with Foursquare over Gawalla or odwalla or whatever its called. @JoselinMane said to me early in April 2009 that foursquare had too many bugs in it to catch on. It did at the time. I was then using loopt on iphone. Anyone remember that program now? I blame @stevegarfield for my foursquare addiction thanks Steve.

For videos under 10 minutes I will use YouTube, for those over 10 minutes I will use Vimeo. Vimeo has great quality video, a good price point, and good analytics.

I chose Delicious over Stumble upon. I did not think I needed two bookmarking sites. Both are really good bookmarking sites that share the sites you like with others. You can bookmark an article, a blog or website that way and tell others easily.

I added Digg for news. I still have not figured out the blog RSS reader thing but hope to do so in 2010 (time permitting of course)

Other apps I deleted this year. I got rid of Tumblr, it was a good application and app on iPhone but I never used it. Another deletion was Joost, again nice application and iphone app but I just did not use it. Going is a good email about whats going on in Boston but was only a so so IPhone app again just my opinion. Boxee is another program I jettisoned. I was just able to figure out the install for mac TV when the Mac TV upgrade deleted it. Bye Bye Boxee…

I use Yelp and the application Around me to find stuff like restaurants when traveling. I will use around me first then see what people have yelped about it.

I also use the IPhone linkedin application at social media events, and other social events. Mike Damphouse at green leads @damphoux taught me that trick early on in 2009 and it helps you research who you are talking with. Knowing who your audience is certainly helps.

Anyway, I better get back to work I have already wrote too long a blog here and I have some accounting to do, some more wordpress blog to figure out oh joy. I am also working on my new book “Be Seen with trust agents crushing it” . jk

Have a very safe and happy new year.

Four Square 5 minutes of my life I just took back

I am all for keeping in touch with friends as much as possible, but there has to be a cutoff point before you split the atom too finely. The cutoff point for me is Foursquare. Steve Garfield introduced this to me inadvertently and initially I was intrigued.

I guess if you still aspire to go out and drink at cool bars and clubs the novelty of this app and platform might never wear off. If you are a business person however you might want to grab back those few minutes when you need them most.

I joined Four Square and quickly became mayor of the Hynes convention Center and my office here at Brilliant Video Productions. I was at the Hynes for seven days strait so thats not such a stretch.

I see lots of my friends using it to show where they are drinking beer, and if I drank beer still I guess I would be more jazzed. I drink wine, and I don’t live in Boston proper. So I have two more reasons why not to be on Foursquare. For me, I will take back those 5 minutes daily however and put them to better use.