Sorry but you won’t see me presenting at Podcamp Boston 6.


This year like every year I eagerly awaited news about Podcamp Boston. When registration went up I bought my tickets and sent in my discussion submissions. Last year I did two talks one with Joseline Mane, Steve Garfield and Robert Collins called return of the visual suspects and a 2nd Q&A session about video production. Both were well attended. In 2009 we also had Matthew Mamet as one of the visual suspects, and that one was also well attended.

Every year there has always been a gaff with my submission or registration this year there was both. First I was told they got no discussion submissions. This was too bad, because I had sent them in the day I registered. Today I was told my registration could not be found. I then sent a copy of my registration to Podcamp 6 Boston and they were able to find it much easier. I was also told they were trying to refund me. They wrongly assumed I no longer wanted to attend. I was not sure why they thought this. I was disappointed that I could not present sure, but I had not indicated anything about not attending.

I realize we are all very busy, and that many really good people volunteer to put podcamps together. I just don’t understand why it is that my involvement is always a burden to the organizers. I was dissapointed I could not share my thoughts on web video and where it has gone but I never said I was cancelling altogether. Perhaps they were making that decision for me?,  trying to be helpful somehow?

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