Thank god I have fonder memories of NEU.

I have been working in the capacity of Director of Multimedia for several months now and I have quietly keep my eyes open for a better position. I found a Video Producer position open at my Alma Matter Northeastern University. I enlisted the assistance of my favorite Professor at the University and he got me the hiring Managers name. I sent her an email first via Linkedin, Then a week later to her email at NEU. Then another one. I finally tracked her down to her personal business site and she finally responded saying that I should have sent the email to her NEU email.  ???

I reported back to my professor friend and he said he has heard stories like this before regarding the hiring department at NEU. That’s not a good thing for now I am soured on the process of submitting my application to a woman I now have a contentious relationship with.

I would love an opportunity to apply for the position but the hiring person has made it impossible now for me to apply by ignoring all my inquiries. It’s very frustrating how social media, email can let you down like this. It’s even more frustrating when it’s your Alma Matter that is the culprit in this case.

Thankfully I still retain memories from my Northeastern experience.  I am still very close with friends with many I attended school there. I would have loved to work there, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

Great seeing many faces… Thanks NU.

I had the pleasure again to see some old friends over the weekend. I was part of the Sliver Masque theater group while attending Northeastern University and we had a reunion at Egan Hall for members from the 80’s.

Lots of people traveled to Boston for the event that included a play presentation, reception at Egan Hall and then dinner at the Stork Club in the South End.

Although the Stork Club botched our reservation initially, they tried very hard to accommodate us and in the end we were all sat around quite a few tables pushed together.

My thanks to Phil Mondello, and Vanessa Thorpe for putting together such a great evening. I wish I could have stayed longer. Here is a link to those pictures.

Big Shoot with Little Noodles

I was hired yesterday by Director Phil Mondello and Producer Karen Vigurs Stack to assist with the digital importing of footage on the set of Etta Kit and Grace. The show stars Laura Osnes, as Grace and is an animation kids show that was shot in nearby Wellesley MA at the ELM Bank ( Mass Horticultural Society) Hunnewell building.
The shoot was also a reunion of sorts for 3 class of 1986 Northeastern University Alumni. Phil Mondello, Karen Vigurs Stack and I all graduated from Northeastern in 1986. Stopping by to lend his support was Professor Michael Woodnick from Northeastern University. It was great to see him and get caught up, He was one of my favorite professors that I had the pleasure to learn from while at Northeastern. We also had another NU alumni in Aileen Vicari from class of 2007 was also working on the set. So Go NU.

My role on the shoot was as Digital Image Technician. I imported the shot footage from Digital cards and transferred the data safely to hard drives and backup drives. I also had footage available to check and recheck for playback and continuity.

Overall it was a great shoot, it was great to see everyone and I look forward to seeing the finished product for some of the show will require intricate green screen post production and animation.